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Hotel recommendations in the south of england

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SpottedOnMN Thu 10-Sep-20 18:06:33

Sopwell House, St Albans. You could wander round St Albans and visit the cathedral.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Thu 10-Sep-20 18:01:23

"The south of England" is too vague! There's 400 miles between Penzance and Margate.

Can you narrow it down?

peachypetite Thu 10-Sep-20 17:56:07


Ricekrispie22 Thu 10-Sep-20 17:30:21

The Montagu Arms In Beaulieu

RaspberryToupee Thu 10-Sep-20 15:13:58

I suppose it depends where in the south of England you want?

Doesn’t really fall into the South of England as it’s the Cotswolds (but not really Midlands either) but does tick the other boxes. We stayed at the Old Stocks Inn earlier this year and it was really nice. Restaurant on site but also able to get to other areas easily enough. We had a garden room because we took the dog but inside rooms are dog free. Food in the restaurant was lovely and the Covid measures were great.

Trousersareoverrated Thu 10-Sep-20 15:02:11


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Trousersareoverrated Wed 09-Sep-20 18:19:00

DH and I would like to go away for a child free night somewhere in the south of England. Budget £300 for a nice hotel or air bnb. We would like it to be a bit special as we have spent the last few months tag teaming childcare and not really seeing each other.

Somewhere with things to do (nice walks, places to visit, restaurants) nearby. I’m pregnant so doesn’t have to be in walking distance as I can’t have a drink anyway! Was going to go for a nice spa hotel but feel that might be a waste as I can’t use all the facilities. So a lovely restaurant on site or nearby is my priority!

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