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10 year anniversary

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Inatightsqueeze Wed 09-Sep-20 18:18:54

On the 10th of October we will have made it to 10 years of married bliss (mostly).
I have no idea what to get Dh to celebrate. Given the current climate it's unlikely we'll get to go away as we have 2 dc and nowhere to leave them while we do.
So any ideas would be good.
He enjoys lots of geeky things connected to computing and raspberry pi.
Just drawing a blank, the only thing is no key rings as if he get any more and falls in a body of water he'll sink.

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kingdomcapers Wed 09-Sep-20 23:46:13

The traditional gift for tenth anniversary is tin. I can't remember what I got DH but I suspect it was probably beers.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 10-Sep-20 05:13:13

Tin can robot!

Inatightsqueeze Thu 10-Sep-20 18:10:57

I love that, so would he.

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