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TikTok PayPal Thread

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SingingInTheShithouse Wed 09-Sep-20 09:20:46

Yes a TAAT, but I'm a bit shocked by the heavy handed moderation on my thread ending in pulling my thread all together before I even had a chance to catch up, which I consider OTT.

I haven't been on here in some time, so has it really changed that much confused I know some comments/posters did get out of hand & I can understand deleting those, but my last comment on the thread was something in reply to a poster saying "I thought you were trying to keep your BP down" as regards replying to other argumentative posters. I wrote something like "it's okay, I'm not wound up at all by it, it's not that important, unlike DD" - that comment was also deleted, so I have no idea if other deleted comments were offensive at allconfused

I did want to reply to the lady who spotted Aspergers & said she understood as her DD has been similar. Your comments were more help than you will ever know. We are still learning what is relevant, & what is typically teen - THANK YOU !!

Disappointed it was taken down as I was reading to catch up this morning, went to get myself a coffee & came back to a deleted thread so I didn't get to read much of the replies & have no idea if other updates were actually offensive at all as some deletions IMHO definitely weren't .

Thanks to all who contributed, not sure about the moderation as it seemed very OTT to what I've been used to on here, which though it's great when things are bad, I'm not actually sure I feel this was as bad as it was handled

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