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HeyBlaby Wed 09-Sep-20 08:56:27

Does anyone have any experience selling a house with Yopa or Strike? Booked in for valuations, house is in a popular area and probably an easy sell (more because it is a plain but all new bog standard family home rather than anything special).

Any experiences appreciated!

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popcorndiva Wed 09-Sep-20 09:00:04

We like Zopa, sold one with them and just about to sell another one next week. Seemed more knowledgeable and professional than Purple Bricks etc. We paid for them to do the viewings and the photos were good and we could give input on description etc. After offer they were always on hand via text/ phone to help chain progress and I had a nightmare buyer so this helped.

popcorndiva Wed 09-Sep-20 09:00:38

Yopa not Zopa silly predictive text

HeyBlaby Wed 09-Sep-20 21:04:57

@popcorndiva thanks!

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