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Violent video on social media.

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Torvean32 Wed 09-Sep-20 01:29:29

Has anybody else heard about the video doing the circuit on social media. It shows a man commiting suicide and is very graphic. As soon as it's deleted others are uploading. Ppl are also hiding the clip in the middle of other cute videos and kids have been expised to it. Its been seen on YouTube kids.

Here's the warning i saw on facebook.

⚠️ Parent Warning ⚠️ There's a graphic video doing the rounds of a man on TikTok committing suicide. It's graphic, brutal and shocking - and as quickly as TikTok remove it, sick individuals are re-uploading it.

This ISN'T an urban myth:

PLEASE supervise your children if they use the app. TikTok are working as quickly as they can to remove it, but it might be worth your kids avoiding the app for a few days. If you're not familiar with it, videos pop up automatically and autoplay - and the ones you see can be based simply on how popular they are.

Sadly, it's another curse of Social Media and yet another sign of how desensitized we've become as a society that things like this can do the rounds to provoke shock, horror and outrage.

Stay safe out there.

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vangoghing Wed 09-Sep-20 02:49:57

It was embedded in the middle of a video that auto played on my Twitter earlier, I still feel a bit sick and jittery thinking about it, it's so awful

Torvean32 Wed 09-Sep-20 04:49:54

I read a description of what happens. It made me feel sick. I'd hate to think of a child seeing it.

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Sparklfairy Wed 09-Sep-20 04:55:58

I've seen it too. It's so sick and twisted that people are trying to force children and vulnerable people to watch it by stealth. It happens so quickly too that even if you've heard the warnings saying "scroll away if you see a white man with a beard" you'd probably be too late sad

Doingitaloneandproud Wed 09-Sep-20 05:00:26

There was a thread of this yesterday I believe or the day before, I haven't seen it, thankfully as much as I watch TikTok it hasn't popped up. But I have seen warnings from people to say if you see if scroll down quickly

I can't understand why anyone would want to reshare it in any way, the original was taken down but TikTok are struggling to get rid of it completely due to others sharing

It sounds absolutely horrific, the way in which it happened that's been described, and his poor mother actually watching it sad

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