Laptop Table Recommendations

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AftermathGirl Tue 08-Sep-20 23:34:41

For those of you WFH with limited space.
I have to sit on my sofa as isn't anywhere else. Can you recommend any laptop tray tables or similar so my laptop is at the correct height?

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AftermathGirl Wed 09-Sep-20 10:44:31


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sunshineandshowers21 Wed 09-Sep-20 10:51:44

i’m don’t know how to link sorry, but i have a nestling laptop stand i bought from amazon. the legs and tray are fully adjustable and can be used anywhere. i use it sitting on the sofa, in bed, on the floor. it’s amazing.

AftermathGirl Wed 09-Sep-20 16:09:15

Thank you smile

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