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Post some interesting shit here

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BeenAndCameBack Tue 08-Sep-20 02:19:05

I can’t sleep & am bored of FB, Insta, etc. Please post something interesting here. Help me smile!

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DeliciouslyFemale Tue 08-Sep-20 02:22:00

Well, I don’t know about interesting shit, but I gathered up over twenty snails from my veg plot tonight. Caught the wee shits as they were making their way towards my beautiful courgettes. They were evicted.

Gothamgirl1970 Tue 08-Sep-20 02:23:52

A spare pair of clean knickers fell out of inside my dress when I guess the static cling went. Unfortunately I was in a lift full of men in a glass lift at the Shard this morning

Gothamgirl1970 Tue 08-Sep-20 02:25:39

That probably failed on interesting but hopefully gave you a smile. A big white pair of sloggi

Permanentlypuzzled Tue 08-Sep-20 02:31:52

What’s the difference between a clitoris and a golf ball?

A man will spend more than 5 minutes trying to find a golf ball.

BeenAndCameBack Tue 08-Sep-20 02:37:15

Snails, knickers, balls! Love it! Thank you... keep them coming in, everyone! smile

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snitzelvoncrumb Tue 08-Sep-20 02:44:36

Im doing some batch cooking, and I got a clove of garlic and chocolate out the fridge at the same time. As you can guess I got distracted and put the garlic in my mouth and bit into it.

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