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Can anyone make me feel better? Found two dodgy looking moles :( anyone had similar?

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Putmynewshoeson Sun 06-Sep-20 22:52:52

I have lots of moles and it's hard to keep track of them. Tonight DH said two of the moles on my back didn't look right and took a picture to show me and they both look really dodgy. Both have a darker bit inside and one is quite blurry around the outside (see the picture, if you zoom in you'll see what I mean my camera isn't great)

I'm going to call the doctor but I have health anxiety and have not long had a baby and my mind has jumped ahead, convinced it's melanoma and I'm going to die leaving my baby without a mother.

I know it's dramatic but I can't help it, moles have always been something I've worried about as I have so many.

Can anyone make me feel better? I know nobody can tell me it's fine btw, just wondered if anyone had had similar/could offer any words of comfort.

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Mollyboom Sun 06-Sep-20 23:01:04

Have they just appeared? They could be seborrheic keratosis- these are totally benign but can often be mistaken for melanoma? Best get them checked out though

BettyOBarley Sun 06-Sep-20 23:06:56

Definitely get them checked but I have lots like these that have been checked over and declared fine. I have something called dysplastic naevus which is moles that look unusual but are not cancerous. Its always best to check though. They sometimes photograph/measure them so you can keep an eye on any changes. (I have a lot of moles!)

FlowerPig Sun 06-Sep-20 23:07:27

I know the feeling so want to give a hand squeeze thanks
I, like you, am very moley and have had two removed over the years, both from my back and ironically both times I went because I was concerned about different moles. My results shown to be moderately dysplastic and the other fine but I was glad to have had them removed/checked... Although they did dig out about 4cm deep and the pain afterwards was more than I'd expected and I've been left wit two pretty nasty scars!
I'm now due my first baby and when I was in my first trimester my health anxiety went in to overdrive when I knocked a raised mole and it bled, but because lockdown had just started my GP refused to see me (New GP since previous removals) and I just had to send photos over.
Didn't feel satisfied at the time and let my mind run away with itself but over time I have calmed myself.
It's still something I worry about but when my GP surgery is back to normal I am going to see my GP and insist on having an annual review of my moles like I used to at my last GP even just for peace of mind, but I regularly grow new moles and see slight changes, or at least I think I do.

Frevera Sun 06-Sep-20 23:09:10

I’ve had lots with all sorts of edges and colour, even in twenties. I went to check them but there was never an issue. Just book an appointment but honestly, if you’ve had a baby recently your skin will have stretched in places you don’t even realise! Moles can change as you age and usually means absolutely nothing. Go and have it checked but you are definitely worrying unnecessarily. It mostly happens after extreme and continual sun exposure...which I expect you - like everyone else this year - hasn’t had much of recently! Xx

alabama80 Sun 06-Sep-20 23:10:35

Picture hard to tell but you're doing the right thing by getting it checked out.
Just to give you a positive story a family member has had melanoma about 10 times (possibly more), all caught in good time and have simply been removed leaving them fit and well.

Putmynewshoeson Sun 06-Sep-20 23:13:10

Thank you so much. I am resolutely not googling because I already feel a bit sick and tearful.
It sounds silly but now I'm not sure if they' or not. I'm going to look at photos tomorrow. If they are old ones they've definitely changed in appearance to make DH notice them but I've just managed to lose the weight from DS (nine months) so my skin has stretched and then gone back IYSWIM so that could explain the shape, I think it's the darker colours inside that is freaking me out. Plus the fact that one in the picture has a little asymmetrical mole type freckle thing next to it.

I do have other moles that have slightly blurry edges and have had those checked previously and been told it's just the family they are from.

I hate having so many moles!

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Putmynewshoeson Sun 06-Sep-20 23:14:46

@FlowerPig congrats on your pregnancy and thank you for posting - it's a horrible feeling
I did read that pregnancy hormones can make moles change but apparently it's usually quite an even change . Hormones are weird!

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CarrieMoonbeams Sun 06-Sep-20 23:19:15

Another moley one here! I had a fairly new one on my neck that bled a few weeks ago. I had a telephone appointment with the doctor, then a face to face so he could have a proper look, and then it was removed in hospital a fortnight ago. The results will take a few more weeks to come through, but I was so reassured by how quickly it was dealt with.

Definitely get it checked out OP, it's so much better than worrying. Let us know how you get on 🤗

DownThePlath Sun 06-Sep-20 23:27:04

Hello OP.

Funnily enough, i've had DP checking my moles today (I struggle with health anxiety and he checks them for me every few weeks - comparing them to photos and everything - bless him!)

I also have dysplastic nevus moles. There's one in particular that is a little unsymmetrical and has 2 colours, but i've had it checked multiples times before and it's always said to be fine.

Have a look at dysplastic nevus online if you want, as it normally calms me down and makes me thing more rationally. Get it checked for peace of mind, but I don't think it looks sinister flowers

Tumbleweed101 Mon 07-Sep-20 00:21:53

I'd never heard of dysplastic nevus moles until this thread but I think this is what I have. Mine appeared when I was preg with my daughter and the doctor, at my postpartum check-up spotted my biggest one and looked at it and told me to go to a doctor if it changed.

It hasn't changed in the 20 years since I had my daughter, thank goodness, but it is still one I keep a close eye on.

Magpiefeather Mon 07-Sep-20 00:37:23

DH had one a few years ago a lot like your left hand one. He’d always had a fairly big mole there but suddenly it changed shape and the edges were not sharp. I think it maybe even went a bit crusty.

Anyway on my insistence he went to have it checked out, he was referred pretty quickly and they just whipped it off there and then in the hospital appointment. Did a biopsy I think to check he didn’t need any more removed but it was benign.

They will look after you OPnand you’re doing the right thing!

Magpiefeather Mon 07-Sep-20 00:37:46

Sorry your one on the right of the picture

sweetloves Mon 07-Sep-20 01:13:07

I noticed a dodgy looking mole a couple of months ago. I also have health anxiety and I was in tears for several weeks worrying about going to the doctor about it, I kept putting it off. My mind had jumped to the worst possible conclusion. I went to my GP and got an urgent referral. There is specific criteria and a points system for referral and mine qualified. However even though I was walking out with an urgent referral I felt calmer than I did walking in as it was like the responsibility of it was now off of my shoulders and now for the doctors to deal with. At the hospital the consultant looked at it with a dermascope as well as a selection of my other moles and told me it was fine. My appointment was at 11:30 and I was back in the car at 11:33!

Putmynewshoeson Mon 07-Sep-20 07:37:49

Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment. I feel a bit calmer this morning and, knowing that lots of people got referrals and had biopsies done means I hopefully won't panic so much if that happens to me!
I'm going to call the doctor when they open this morning so hopefully I'll get a callback today

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Putmynewshoeson Wed 09-Sep-20 20:28:04

Just wanted to update as I hate an unresolved thread, had them checked today as well as all my others - really nice doctor - and all benign smile

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CarrieMoonbeams Wed 09-Sep-20 20:39:46

Brilliant news OP, I'm so glad your mind's been put at rest flowers

Witchend Wed 09-Sep-20 21:45:36

I've been several times with various dodgy looking moles and all fine.
One time the doctor diagnosed "absoluti norminous" ie totally normal. He made me laugh and said you should always get any dodgy ones checked out and that I'd done the right thing.

Polnm Wed 09-Sep-20 23:15:44


Just wanted to update as I hate an unresolved thread, had them checked today as well as all my others - really nice doctor - and all benign smile

You had them removed and a biopsy completed?

peekaboob Wed 09-Sep-20 23:28:38

@Polnm That's exactly what I was going to say. I was dismissed as benign. 6 months later I was in surgery losing half my cheek as I pushed for a second opinion and it was melanoma.
Pregnancy is known to accelerate harmful mole change. Get it checked by a dermatologist.

Putmynewshoeson Thu 10-Sep-20 08:47:49

Oh! Well I didn't have them removed because two doctors looked at them and said they had no dangerous characteristics so are benign
However did tell me to keep an eye and if they change again to go in

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Putmynewshoeson Thu 10-Sep-20 08:48:36

I can only see a dermatologist privately and cannot afford it at the moment unfortunately

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DownThePlath Thu 10-Sep-20 11:28:55

Op, don't let the previous posters make you worry again now. I get that they're just trying to be cautious, but it's not really the response you want to hear afterwards. As your doctor said - keep an eye on them. If you see any changes then go straight back. I got the same advice (also from two different doctors) and it's been well over a year now and I've seen no changes.

Putmynewshoeson Thu 10-Sep-20 14:04:52

Thanks smile
I felt reassured as he got the second doctor in who has more dermatology experience, to give a second opinion

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