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Can anyone else me

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Molly1001 Sun 06-Sep-20 14:11:53

I just need a little reassurance so me and partner had a break up in November he cheated on me anyway I ended up sleeping with some at the end of November on a few occasions, me and my partner got my back together around the 2nd December, I am unsure when I ovulate so I’m confused to when I would have fallen pregnant my due date is 4th November there is no way my baby can be the mans I slept with in November is there I know I sound stupid but I really can’t enjoy my pregnancy and my mind really won’t shut down 😔

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Cinderellashoes Sun 06-Sep-20 14:13:19

No, because you aren’t pregnant for a year
You know this though. Are you ok?

unicornparty Sun 06-Sep-20 14:20:39

A pregnancy isn't a year long confused

Molly1001 Sun 06-Sep-20 14:28:08

I know this but for some reason my mind just keeps over thinking I really don’t know why! I keep thinking what if my scan dates are wrong etc 😔 I’ve been going threw so much stress lately too my son who is 2 was diagnosed with leukaemia in January then I just can’t stop thinking about what if all my ovulation and scan dates are all wrong 😔😔

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ChaChaCha2012 Sun 06-Sep-20 14:46:28

I'm sorry your son is poorly.

Are you having any other confusing thoughts? If so I'd see your GP or midwife and tell them, see if you might need mental health support.

Molly1001 Sun 06-Sep-20 14:54:19

No I’m not having any more thoughts just the thought of thinking what If the baby isn’t my partners, I think it’s because I know I slept with someone in November but I totally get you can’t be pregnant for a year🙈 then I keep thinking what if the scans dates are wrong because you see so many stories about this happening, but I’m sure it can’t be that far out Thankyou for taking your time to reply also x

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dancemom Sun 06-Sep-20 15:00:35

Scan dates can be out but not 3 months out.

AmelieTaylor Sun 06-Sep-20 15:13:56


Calm down love. Take a very deep breath 🌷

You're a human, not a donkey!!!

Scans can be out, but not by 3 months. You know this, you know you know this!

That's one train of thought you can close down completely. This baby is NOT Nov Blokes. Do NOT give it any more headspace.

I am very sorry to hear about DS's diagnosis of Leukaemia. You're going to need to be very strong to help him through this, you have enough to worry about without worrying who the father of your baby is, when us simply CANNOT be Nice Blokes. Ok. So let's hope we've got THAT settled at least.

Is your partner your DS's Dad? How has he been since you got the news about DS?

What's worrying me here is that you broke up because he cheated on you, but you kept seeing him & got back together. It's seldom a good idea, even without a sick child & a pregnancy.

I'm doubting he's going to have your back here & I'm sad that it might make this period in your life more difficult.

What friends & family do you have where you live?

What living arrangements do you have? If you wanted him to, would he leave & would you be able to stay where you are?

Molly1001 Sun 06-Sep-20 15:26:59

Thankyou so much for your reply, I say he ‘cheated’ but we was on a break but I feel like he took the ‘break’ to far, once I found out I told myself we was not getting back together and I did the stupid thing of sleeping with some guy I knew a few times to try get over the fact he’d done it which is stupid I know!, anyway ever since finding out I was pregnant I keep doubting myself for no reason and maybe it’s guilt I really don’t know but the dates I say are 100% accurate and I slept with him around the end of November, and me and my partner ended up sorting things out and getting back together in December and ever since we seem to get along better then we ever did before, since my son got diagnosed back in jan he really has been my rock to get me threw this and I feel like if I broke up with him I wouldn’t get threw without him, It’s just this thought I can’t shift for some strange reason and like I say it might just been the guilt 😔😔 you really have put Lyn mind to rest @AmelieTaylor and I would just like to thank you for such a nice response x

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Cinderellashoes Sun 06-Sep-20 19:53:17

It sounds like you’re experiencing obsessive compulsive thoughts which is on the ocd spectrum. Even though you know logically the thought isn’t right, it gets stuck in your head. I’m sorry to hear about your son, how is he now? Please see a gp if this continues, it’s really not surprising given the stress you’re under!

Molly1001 Mon 07-Sep-20 09:29:11

@Cinderellashoes thanks for your reply I think your right I’m going to call the docs today, I just can’t get it out of my head just thinking the impossible

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