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7th birthday present for my goddaughter

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drspouse Sat 05-Sep-20 21:43:10

Just realised I need to get one after chatting to her mum at the school gates about their mini bubble party.
I got a nice hardback book last year and I suspect they are pretty much over crafts and I can't buy her a day out really, she is getting to the age where I could take her out for tea but not this year!

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Raindropsonrosesand Sat 05-Sep-20 21:48:36

How about a board game? Carcassonne or Ticket to ride, or something like that.

sitckmansladylove Sat 05-Sep-20 21:51:41

Does she like lego?
You could get nice pjs and slippers and a little pamper package bubble bath/hot choc and marshmallows

drspouse Sat 05-Sep-20 22:31:01

I think she'd like a board game, or Lego (but I might check with mum what they've got).

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