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Smart tv for kids

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Ayuayuayu Sat 05-Sep-20 19:46:20

My 9 year old is wanting a tv for his own room. My feeling is no. But is there any way of doing it safely? Can you put parental controls on a smart tv?

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BF2748 Sun 06-Sep-20 10:29:25

I believe you can on Samsung smart TVs, you’d have to google for other brands.

My niece has a tv in her room and she has for a couple of years. She has Netflix and amazon prime which allows you to add people within the account and for kids you can choose a kids channel for them. You can also download kids YouTube to smart TVs and select their age and a couple of other things and the content on that is targeted for their age and they won’t be shown anything irrelevant to their age. I also think they don’t get shown ads.

She doesn’t watch it everyday sometimes she uses her tablet but she’s never came across anything inappropriate and just watches things she would watch usually she’s now 10.

Some TVs you can utilise a timer so that you set how long it’s on for then it will automatically turn off. This would be good to enforce boundaries with them on how long the tv is to be on for.

Ayuayuayu Sun 06-Sep-20 10:48:03

Thanks for the reply, I'll look into Samsung's

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