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Present for 4 year old niece

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icebubbles Sat 05-Sep-20 17:53:32

Birthday coming up soon. Any suggestions for what to buy her? I'm trying to support more small businesses so any ideas not from amazon or John Lewis would be amazing! Thank you

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PotteringAlong Sat 05-Sep-20 17:54:39


icebubbles Sat 05-Sep-20 17:57:08

Probably £20ish

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Callybrid Sat 05-Sep-20 17:58:04


Mine all played with kitchen/toy food at that age - there’s a nice (fairly pricy!) selection here and I’ve bought off these guys in the past:

Callybrid Sat 05-Sep-20 17:58:24

Sorry cross posted re budget!

PotteringAlong Sat 05-Sep-20 18:25:35

Baking set?

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