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do you have people IRL that you talk to about everything ?

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jammydodgersplease Sat 05-Sep-20 18:07:32

Congraulations on your pregnancy- and I am sorry to hear about your breast lump.
In answer to your specific question, I dont have someone that i speak to about everything. But i think that is more about my hatred of feeling that people are talking about me rather than an opportunity to tell people about things. I was brought up in a family that operated on a 'need to know' basis and in a very rural gossipy area and I think that impacted on what I share with people.
Take it day by day just now. I hope you get feedback soon from health that is more positive for you!

threeblowdries Sat 05-Sep-20 17:11:36

I am sitting here dealing with an unplanned pregnancy that I had just about come to terms with when I found a lump on my breast. The breast needs further investigation / mammogram and I am terrified. I have young children already. my DH knows and is great but he is working today and I am struggling here to hold it together for the kids ! I wish I had one of those friends / family members that I could call anytime and tell anything to . I have sisters and my mam but we do not have that kind of relation - I will probably tell them when I have an outcome. I am wondering do most people have that tell anything to friend / family IRL (I think you are very lucky if you do) or are most people like me ?

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