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What type of housing would be a dream for you?

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WomenHour Fri 04-Sep-20 22:39:38

I would a normal 2 bedroom house is just fine

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Butterer Fri 04-Sep-20 22:40:15

Detached bungalow.

StraysandWaifs Fri 04-Sep-20 22:51:00

A red sandstone tenement with a tiled close, shiny wooden floors and storm doors. Big windows.

LER83 Fri 04-Sep-20 22:53:47

I would be happy with a small house, as long as it had no neighbours!

TokyoSushi Fri 04-Sep-20 22:57:25

Our actual house, but on a massive plot, like massive, right out on the countryside, rather than on a 'snug' new build estate!

pushananas Fri 04-Sep-20 23:11:20

A farm house

GlummyMcGlummerson Fri 04-Sep-20 23:17:07

In the town I live there are a few streets with enormous Georgian houses, with huge living rooms, a cellar, a back garden etc. It's my dream to live in one.

I really like quirky houses that have no order to them - like the house in Absolutely Fabulous.

PickAChew Fri 04-Sep-20 23:20:48

Detached bungalow. Small but private garden. Amenities on my doorstep.

Crazycatlady2020 Fri 04-Sep-20 23:21:29

4 bedroom with a study detached, big garden.
Within walking distance to my kids school.

If it wasn’t for the kids being near school I’d want a rural property.

bookmum08 Fri 04-Sep-20 23:22:04

A garden. I just want my own personal outdoor space. Infact it could be a yard. Big enough for a clothes line would be fine.

jay55 Fri 04-Sep-20 23:22:12

Penthouse with a view, that is mine.

Notcontent Fri 04-Sep-20 23:22:15

I would love a detached house - not in the middle of nowhere (that would freak me out) but a decent distance from neighbours. It would not have to be huge - 3 or 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice spacious living room and kitchen. A period property with high ceilings would be a bonus!

Waxonwaxoff0 Sat 05-Sep-20 00:19:51

I'm not into big houses. I'd be happy with 2 bedrooms as it's just me and DS but if I had the choice I'd like a 3rd bedroom that I could use as a dressing room/walk in wardrobe. I'd also like a bathroom that's big enough for a 4 piece suite.

Not bothered about land, I don't actually spend much time in the garden.

BlackeyedSusan Sat 05-Sep-20 00:25:14

a house with a garden and a bedroom each.

Bikingbear Sat 05-Sep-20 00:36:31

A new period property, so all the features of an old property with bay windows, high ceilings, ornate features but without the maintenance issues that come with period properties.

AriettyHomily Sat 05-Sep-20 00:37:59

A 5 bed with space, not a new build

Tillygetsit Sat 05-Sep-20 03:04:11

The house that was number 1 on Escape to the Country today. The couple bought it. Lucky blighters.

Camomila Sat 05-Sep-20 07:02:54

One of the big Victorian terraces 10mins away. (near train station and good catchment area).
My friend grew up in one and it was beautiful - 4 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, cellar and garden.

Only need about 800,000 shock

HalloBrian Sat 05-Sep-20 07:04:54

The house from Knives Out

Jasmin82 Sat 05-Sep-20 07:05:10

A detached bungalow. I'd like a nice sized garden so that Resident Collie has somewhere to loon round. 3 or 4 bedrooms so that friends can visit would also be nice.

YourStarlessEyes Sat 05-Sep-20 07:07:56

Right now it would be any type of semi detached or detached house with 3 or 4 bedrooms, and a garden with a very tall fence!

monkeyonthetable Sat 05-Sep-20 07:10:51

Detached, either ultra modern eco house or well built brick or stone - anywhere from Queen Anne, Georgian to 1930s Arts & Crafts, with a wrap around garden and a veggie patch, overlooking woodland, with a short walk to a village with a fast train to London.

In my dreams.

HeronLanyon Sat 05-Sep-20 07:14:31

Happy with a small house.
Needs to be isolated in land - some woodland and water essential. A view.
Needs outbuildings (not fully sure why I am obsessed with outbuildings but I am).
Thanks for asking op - can you sort me out ?

DinosApple Sat 05-Sep-20 07:15:41

No modest dreams here😂.

A timber framed medieval hall house with a moat around it and a walled kitchen garden. And the money to look after it all!

Alternatively, if I was on my own, a three bed Victorian terrace or semi in a nice town with a long thin garden.

SquirmOfEels Sat 05-Sep-20 07:19:50

A detached house, with rooms a bit wider than where we are now (terrace). With a drive. And a back garden (as opposed to a back yard)

With a downstairs loo and utility room.

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