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Going to court for custody

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User34056 Fri 04-Sep-20 21:20:09

My son was previously in an on and off relationship with a woman who got pregnant and had a baby at the beginning of the year. My son said to be the father and this did add up for when he was with her. Baby was born and be played an active role in his life, although they weren't together at this point they were planning on co-parenting and had been getting on well. Unknownly to him she register the baby's birth without him so he wasn't on birth certificate, she kept promising she was going to make an appointment to add him to birth certificate but constantly came up with excuses why she could make an appointment.
Then lockdown happened and he was still seeing the child but she was gradually cutting it down, then they had a silly row and she claimed for the first time he wasn't the father and he wasn't to see the baby anymore.
He has no doubt he is the father, so is going to see a solicitor next week hoping to go down the route of making a declaration of parentage and getting to see his child, it's been made clear this is the only way it's possible.

I was wondering if any mumsnet wisdom could give me a rough time frame of how long it will realistically take, from first solicitors appointment to him being granted by the court access to see his child? TIA smile

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