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Joseph Joseph Elevate kitchen utensils

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sidsgranny Fri 04-Sep-20 14:58:49

Does anyone have these? Do they stain?

Thanks in advance!

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Beamur Fri 04-Sep-20 15:03:25

I have a couple. Not noticed any staining, but DH has a tendancy to leave them in the pot and rest them on the side (totally defeating the point of the design) and I can confirm that they do melt.

Brashopper Fri 04-Sep-20 15:04:36

I have the carousel, and they haven’t stained. It helps that the “working” end is black, though.

I bought an individual one from John Lewis first and snapped up a set when I saw them on the T K Maxx website. The set isn’t the one currently on the Joseph Joseph site.

Brashopper Fri 04-Sep-20 15:06:36

This is mine.

Absolutely20 Fri 04-Sep-20 15:07:54

They melt and they stain. We have the green/blue ones and a couple of them are now green/blue with orange ends!

Badgerstmary Fri 04-Sep-20 23:34:51

We have them & they are fantastic. They don’t stain but after many years they have faded.

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