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Just had a job interview for a TA role after 7 years as a SAHM!

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SweeetTea Fri 04-Sep-20 11:57:15

I just had an interview for a job as a TA in an infants school. I did my very best but, after 7 years as a SAHM, I’m not feeling all that positive about it.

The head said that the closing date isn’t until the 11th so I won’t hear until after then.

Is that pretty standard?

I really want the job but waiting at least a week is going to kill me!!

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SweeetTea Fri 04-Sep-20 12:26:09


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DeltaFlyer Fri 04-Sep-20 12:30:55

Hi ok

In my (limited, admittedly) experience I've always heard back the same day. As in after the closing date of the ad when they've drawn up the shortlist.

The school where you've applied for have interviewed you early prior to the closing date of the ad. I'd take it as good sign that you've been instantly short listed.

Good luck!!

DeltaFlyer Fri 04-Sep-20 12:31:22

Hi op that should say blush

Hoppinggreen Fri 04-Sep-20 12:33:28

Well done for even making it to interview, those jobs are like gold dust
Fingers crossed you get it but if not it’s probably no reflection on you, quite often they have someone in mind already connected to the school

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