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DS doesn't sleep

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SleepIsAThingOfThePast Fri 04-Sep-20 03:55:10

Hi. Looking for advise please. My DS is 4, 5 soon and he doesn't sleep through. 3/4 times a night he comes into our room so that we have to take him back to bed. When we ask him why he gets up he says it's because he is lonely. He has always been a crap sleeper and usually wakes every morning at 5 and won't go back to sleep. I am just exhausted constantly and on average get around 4hours of broken sleep. Any ideas on what I can do to get him to sleep through? Thanks.

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FortunesFave Fri 04-Sep-20 04:13:36

My youngest was like this and I gave in and let her get into bed with us.

She used to come in around midnight. It's much easier than repeatedly taking them back to bed.

She stopped it when she was about 8.

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