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I'm so enormously stressed. Help.

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OhToBeASeahorse Thu 03-Sep-20 19:51:51

I've posted before so apologies if this is repetitive.

- 35 (nearly) weeks pregnant
- currently having works done on our house. Dust everywhere
- there is STUFF everywhere I look. Trying to get baby stuff ready, nothing in the kitchen or dining room... it's a nightmare
- havent yet packed a labour bag washed.any baby clothes etc etc .
- everything smells. DH got the bag we used last time from.the shed and of course it smells of shed. I've washed it but not sure it's done much
- toddler DS has started to sleep badly after being great for ages. Currently sitting in his room til.he falls asleep which I cant sustain with a newborn!!
- toddler is still pooing 3-4 times a day. He also has eczema. I'm starting to think he has an intolerance but where the hell do I start.

I just feel so embattled. And exhausted.

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LilLilLu Thu 03-Sep-20 20:03:47

Wow you do have a lot on your plate.

Best price of advice I had when facing similar was “what can you outsource” not just to paid help, but also to friends and family. Don’t be too proud to ask for help! You will find most people will happily help a heavily pregnant woman.

- could you ask for someone to have toddler overnight?
-can you hire cleaners to help with the mess/dust?
-but a new bag!!! Doesn’t need to be expensive but will help with feeling organised.

OhToBeASeahorse Thu 03-Sep-20 20:08:32

Thanks. Toddler has never stayed overnight anywhere, we dont have anyone who would do that.
In laws are about to move 400 miles away and my parents are alcoholics/manic depressives

He still isnt asleep I'm still sitting in his room. He woke up at 4.30 this morning and did the most horrendous poo imaginable. Didnt go back to sleep.

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Whyaretheredinosaursinthebath Thu 03-Sep-20 20:15:10

I can empathise with this on many levels! I'm 28 weeks

I'm concerned about my toddler's poos too but GP unhelpful. Also takes ages to go to sleep and I'm not quite sure how on earth it's all going to work with a newborn

This time round no works except in garden although I haven't started on buying baby stuff at all as feel like we've spent out a lot the last couple of months and want to save a bit first so will probably be buying last minute nappies and sleepsuits (although we have most of the bigger things). We could buy some out of savings but I hate using savings for day to day things and they get depleted so quickly these days it makes me nervous

Last pregnancy, we had major building works right up until due really (and bits still going on just after although thankfully flooring, carpets and most of painting finished about two days before she arrived. There's still some painting we haven't got round to) so I really really sympathise with you there. It was awful.

Do you have one completed upstairs room you can sort of isolate from the others and keep clean and full of baby stuff? We had one and I cleaned it and then kept hospital bag, all baby stuff etc in there and decided if baby came early we'd just move in there and keep away from the rest of the house (appreciate that's not really possibly with a DC1 as well)

Eeyorehoney Thu 03-Sep-20 20:17:36

I would:
-order a new bag from amazon or somewhere
-book toddler a GP appointment
-wash any baby clothes you want to take if they need washing
-outsource mess/dust if possible, if not only worry about important rooms you’ll use like kitchen
-have a massive cup of tea and something nice for you, ask DH to help with toddler at night time- you’ll need your rest!

OhToBeASeahorse Thu 03-Sep-20 20:19:28

Oh hugs to you, I'm sorry you're in a similar boat!

Yes we are lucky that we have spare rooms tho DH is working from home most of the time so I have to be careful that DS doesnt interrupt him.(ge isnt a twatz he.underatands but he is a lawyer, if he is in court virtually he cant be interrupted)

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BlackLetterDay Thu 03-Sep-20 20:25:00

God that sounds so stressful, is it possible for your dh to give you just a days break? Just some down time for you, just having some time to just exist without worrying about everything else is good.

OhToBeASeahorse Thu 03-Sep-20 20:37:36

He would happily but we've so much to do. Last weekend he took DS out the house so I could clean it (I was grateful for the break from childcare!!)

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