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Has anyone give up mental health nursing (for the sake of their own mh) and found another job that pays the same?

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rosiethehen Thu 03-Sep-20 11:32:37

What sort of setting do you work in?

Care homes - particularly nightshifts - aren't too bad in terms of stress. It's mostly elderly care.

CakesRus3 Thu 03-Sep-20 11:10:22

Qualified a year. Struggled through my training as I was a single parent. Wanted to give up so many times but once you have come that far, you can't turn back. I did well considering I didn't enjoy it. It took me 5 years. I thought once I was qualified, I would feel better. My life is less busy but I struggle to enjoy my job. For many reasons.
I need to earn a secure wage as I am on my own raising my dc's with no physical/emotional/financial support. I feel stuck.

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