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Toys for 1 Yr Olds

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BingoGo Wed 02-Sep-20 13:26:07

Hello everyone!

My boys are 12 months old and I want to get them some new toys, they cannot walk yet without support though but I reckon it won't be long, especially for Twin A.

I'm considering an IKEA kitchen. We already have some ride on toys, a wheel, a firetruck, stacking cups and such.

So what was/is a hit for your 1 Yr old?

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mynameiscalypso Wed 02-Sep-20 13:28:28

DS turned one a couple of weeks ago - his favourite birthday toys so far are an abacus from Ikea which he's obsessed with and a wooden car that you press the driver down and it zooms off. He chases it for hours!

BingoGo Wed 02-Sep-20 13:30:50

We have something similar to the Ikea abacus, and Twin B loves it! Do you remember where you got the wooden car?

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mynameiscalypso Wed 02-Sep-20 13:33:05

It's made by Brio - I'm pretty sure it's on Amazon as a friend sent it to us. It's red with a yellow driver and looks like a race car.

PastaForLunchAgain Wed 02-Sep-20 13:34:28

We don't have an IKEA kitchen (we didn't run to one at the time as we were tight on money and space!) but they are a really long-lasting toy, I know: I have loads of friends who have them and they've gone strong from early on to age 4/5 and beyond. Definitely recommend if you have the budget/space

Also rate magformers/magshapes - another one that lasts a long time as they get different things out of them when they're older.

Stompythedinosaur Wed 02-Sep-20 15:11:19

My dc loved the happyland double decker bus at that age. Initially just to slot the people in and out and roll it along, then as they got older they used it more creatively. We had an ikea kitchen too, but they weren't much interested until they were closer to being 2ish although it got a lot of use after that.

The other things that got a lot of use around 1 were a wheelybug, the playmobil 123 noahs ark and schleicht animal figures.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 02-Sep-20 17:42:23

Wooden click clack track
Toddler swing
Vtech drivers
Tomy eggs

starfish88 Wed 02-Sep-20 17:54:40

DS is 14 months and loves the ikea kitchen. He likes putti g the lids on the pans and opening and closing the doors and putting the pans on the shelves. It's also great for him to pull up on. I wasn't sure if he was a bit too young when we got it for him but it's been great.

plinkplinkfizzer Thu 03-Sep-20 12:10:55

Musical toys are good for this age . Tambourine ,Xylophone, little drum .

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