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Never worn contacts: is there any reason I shouldn’t order some online?

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emmyhelly Wed 02-Sep-20 06:03:31

I wear a mask all day at work and I’m sick of my glasses steaming up! I either have foggy glasses or can’t see much in front of me if I’m not wearing them.

I saw an introductory order for 15 pairs of daily disposables from Hubble (it’s a subscription but I would cancel it straight away if i didn’t get on with contacts) and thought ‘why not try contacts?’

I know a glasses prescription is different to a contacts prescription but have converted it using an online converter (checked several to make sure they gave the same answer). Is there any reason this is a stupid/ dangerous idea?!

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FlamingoAndJohn Wed 02-Sep-20 06:06:08

Please don’t.
They need to be fitted, they come in different sizes.
You need to know how to put them in and taken them out safely.
You need to know how to clean them.
You need to know your prescription, it won’t be the same as your glasses.

This is your eyes you are talking about. You could damage them.

Don’t do it.

DamitJanet Wed 02-Sep-20 06:11:53

I wouldn’t do it. Go to an optician for proper advice, fitting etc.

NotDonna Wed 02-Sep-20 06:15:15

Optician first as they’ll try different ones. After that by all means buy online.

Finfintytint Wed 02-Sep-20 06:15:35

Opticians are open for appointments now.

Vicbarbarkley Wed 02-Sep-20 06:16:57

Just go to an optician, get the prescription then order online. I use daily disposables, so the cleaning issue does not arise for me, but honestly, believe it or not, you need to learn how to put them in and out.
Apart from the prescription, there is a size and shape issue. I have curvy eyeballs (!)

They can be the most comfortable things if used correctly - your eyes are too precious to takes risks with.

Bollocksitshappenedagain Wed 02-Sep-20 06:17:24

If you go to an optician you should get 5/6 free pairs anyway.

You can try them for a few days and they will check them they do this even if you are a contact lens wearer and change brand / type / prescription.

Pollyputthepizzaon Wed 02-Sep-20 06:17:47

Opticians for the first time to get them fitted and they check your eyes after a while wearing them for damage.

After that buy online I always do. But optician first.

Doccomplaint Wed 02-Sep-20 06:20:03

You need them fitted there’s different sizes

Also the prescription changes from your glasses prescription.

You might need toric lenses if you have astigmatism and the Hubble ones are standard spherical lenses.

CeibaTree Wed 02-Sep-20 06:21:36

You won't know the correct prescription to order - it won't be the same as your glasses, also you'll need to have them fitted.

sashh Wed 02-Sep-20 06:21:40

As above you don't know which 'size' will fit, or even if you can wear contacts at all. If you have astigmatism then you need toric lenses.

Often the prescription for contacts is different to glasses eg you may have to compromise to get good rather than excellent vision.

You also may not be able to tolerate lenses all day.

Go to an optician for a lens trial. My local optician does them but they tell you where to order online from because they cannot offer cheaper than the internet.

Once you have had a trial then you can get plain soft lenses for £5 for 30.

workhomesleeprepeat Wed 02-Sep-20 06:22:39

You need to get fitted and tested. It’s not expensive. Don’t go chucking random things into your eyes! You only have two grin

hannahbanana2007 Wed 02-Sep-20 06:23:44

As above, stick to opticians the risks are not worth it if anything goes wrong. I am allergic to a lot of the lens solutions which was only picked up by the optician checks plus they'll keep an eye on overall eye health/fit etc

ImaSababa Wed 02-Sep-20 06:27:19

Just order them. The whole "you need an optician to fit them" is a money-making myth.

Doccomplaint Wed 02-Sep-20 06:28:30


Just order them. The whole "you need an optician to fit them" is a money-making myth.

I’d agree, except that they really do need fitted the first time and the script is different.

Get a trial at an optician and then order online

Doccomplaint Wed 02-Sep-20 06:30:50

I can’t tolerate daily disposables.

I have big eyes (yes, really!) and my eyes are right at the edge of standard lens fit.

I also need a “wet” lens and one that lets more oxygen through.

I also have astigmatism.

And one particular brand of lens I can feel the edge of every time I blink.

But once I got what worked, I just order online - check up with the optician every year

Smiling89 Wed 02-Sep-20 06:33:31

Speaking as an optician,

For the love of God, please don't use Hubble.

Get a decent lens that's not going to starve your eye of oxygen. Especially if you end up wearing them most of the time. Personally have referred patients to the hospital who couldn't even count how many fingers I'm holding up, all because they got cheap crappy lenses/misused them. They didn't get their sight back. Don't mess with your eyes.

Personally I would go for Acuvue Oasys dailies or Total 1 Day. More expensive than others but for a VERY VERY GOOD reason. There are cheaper options than these but only if your eyes can tolerate them or you don't wear them all the time.

MrsPnut Wed 02-Sep-20 06:36:07

I would use an optician for finding the right lenses and getting a prescription because I have had to try a number of different lenses to find the best fit.
Once you have the best prescription then buying online is much cheaper.

Smiling89 Wed 02-Sep-20 06:37:04

As pp said, get a contact assessment done with the opticians and then buy online if you must.

BinkyandBunty Wed 02-Sep-20 06:39:04

I'm a long term contacts wearer and ordered a different brand online (they came in pretty colours!) and they didn't fit my eyes at all. Uncomfortable, and slipped around when I blinked. Definitely get a trial pair in person.

RiverCrossing Wed 02-Sep-20 07:09:48

I have worn contact lenses for 15 years and cannot say strongly enough how I think you should see an optician. There are different types and it’s so important to make sure your eyes are getting enough oxygen. Places are open now for appointments, it’s easy to get fitted.

Nix2020 Wed 02-Sep-20 07:16:03

As all pp said, get a fitting. I went for a fitting turns out I needed a special kind as my eyes were big. The I couldn't get them in my eyes so the optition gave me lessons (after a month, I have up, still couldn't get them in)

homemadecommunistrussia Wed 02-Sep-20 07:16:14

Specsavers free trial

megletthesecond Wed 02-Sep-20 07:18:33

Go to an optician.
Do not muck about with your eyes. They will drum this into you and monitor your eye health if you go via them.

EasilyDeleted Wed 02-Sep-20 07:31:26

Same from me, go to the optician. I've been wearing them for 35 years with virtually no bother, but I still go for my regular check ups every single time.

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