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Help!! Can I use this formula?!

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Fudgewhizz Tue 01-Sep-20 23:35:17

Was v proud of myself as I actually made up three bottles of formula for tomorrow (followed guidelines, use freshly boiled water, cooled straight away in bowl of icy water). Stupidly forgot to put them in the frigging fridge!! They have been in the water with lots of ice packs for about 90 minutes so they're cooler than room temp but not fridge cold. Now in back of fridge. Can I still use them?? NHS guidelines say use within 1hr at room temp, 4hrs in cool bag with ice packs, 24hrs in fridge - sadly the guidelines don't cover stupidity hmm

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LouiseTrees Tue 01-Sep-20 23:36:16

Em no. I wouldn’t risk it.

Fudgewhizz Tue 01-Sep-20 23:36:58

Baby is nearly 3 months if that makes a difference...

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MaltedMilk88 Tue 01-Sep-20 23:38:01

I wouldn't for the sake of what it would be to knock up a fresh one

PapercraftNinja Tue 01-Sep-20 23:40:09

I absolutely would because 90mins is nothing and they’ve been in ice water.

I sort of understand that making fresh would be fine if you are going worry though.

PapercraftNinja Tue 01-Sep-20 23:41:30

They haven’t been out for an hour at room temp so I personally would but honestly if you are going to worry make new ones x

SleepingStandingUp Tue 01-Sep-20 23:43:22

If they've been cooled immediately and then cooled down to fridge temp, I would use them. It isn't like the second they're in the fridge they're 5oC so I'm not sure cooling in ice rather than fridge, which is prob a more rapid cool actually, then into fridge to chill all the way through is so awful

Fudgewhizz Tue 01-Sep-20 23:44:56

Ah dammit, I'm going to have to make new ones because even though I'm 99% sure it'll be fine given they were cold when I put them in the fridge I can't sleep now and I'll worry for the next two days if I give them to him. Gah!!! Also annoying that DH clearly totally ignored them sitting in the sink when he turned the dishwasher on just before we came to bed hmm

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SillyBub Tue 01-Sep-20 23:46:04

Honest answer? First baby - no, wouldn't use. Second baby - hell yeah.

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 01-Sep-20 23:48:09

Anything that freaks you out this much isn't worth it.

FWIW I would have used them and I sterilised things for DD until she was 2 yo older.

Fudgewhizz Wed 02-Sep-20 00:19:15

@SillyBub grin This is a second child or I probably wouldn't have contemplated it!

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user127819 Wed 02-Sep-20 00:59:11

I'm sure it would be fine but it's not worth it for two days of worry.

whiplashy Wed 02-Sep-20 05:02:08

isn’t it safer to make them up as needed?

Fudgewhizz Thu 03-Sep-20 22:52:19

@whiplashy Not the point and irrelevant on this thread (which is now out of date anyway). I'm perfectly capable of reading all the guidance, thank you, and NHS website clearly states that if it's not possible to make them up as needed (and when I am rushing round all day getting other child to school and doing a million other things, it's not practical) then if they are cooled quickly it is safe to keep them at the back of the fridge for up to 24hrs, or in a cool bag with ice packs for up to four hours. There was literally no point in you commenting that on a thread a few days old except to imply that my decision to make them up in advance was unsafe, which a) is untrue, b) is irrelevant to the question that was being asked, and c) has diddly squat to do with you. But yeah, thanks for that hmm

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emmyhelly Sat 05-Sep-20 00:55:15


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