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Hiremee Tue 01-Sep-20 19:21:57

Hi 👋 Thought in these crazy times would be nice to speak to others also looking for work for a bit of support!
Finding it really tough at the moment with hundreds of applicants applying for the same roles as me. Starting to get pretty deflated really!
Anyone else currently looking? How are you finding it?

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BaldAndWild Tue 01-Sep-20 20:01:01

Meeeeeee! I am choosing to think "this has not happened TO me, it has happened FOR me", I've also been on a stay cation but will start looking again tomorrow.

Hiremee Tue 01-Sep-20 21:20:20

That’s a great attitude to have, I might adopt that myself!

How have you been finding it all? Applied for many?

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BaldAndWild Tue 01-Sep-20 21:59:45

I've been quite picky even though it's not really the time to be picky, not applying to big companies.
I've had a couple of interviews but not been successful.
They were useful practice at any rate!

I didn't have the courage to look for another job when I already had one, this is my opportunity to really look around and see what is out there.
Trying not to be bitter about it, mainly succeeding I think.

How're you finding it?

Reythemamajedi Tue 01-Sep-20 22:04:55

Starting the job search today as back from holiday and kids back to school so ha e time to apply. Good luck to all you job hunters.

Hiremee Tue 01-Sep-20 22:36:32

I was picky at first too but now I’m getting desperate so applying for things I wouldn’t under usual circs. No interviews yet sad hoping for some as have had a few people get back to me with ‘stage 1 interview’ e.g ‘answer these questions’.
Got my indeed round up email today, between 150-250 applicants for most of the jobs I’ve applied for. Hope it goes well for you both!

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BaldAndWild Wed 02-Sep-20 21:28:43

How's it going, Rey and Hire?
I've done very little job hunting today, or online learning.
Tomorrow I should have more time.


Hiremee Fri 04-Sep-20 19:24:21

Hope it’s going better for others! I think I’ve been ‘ghosted’ by 2 employers which isn’t a great sign!
Fed up of rejection emails, it’s starting to hurt especially when they are for jobs I know I’m
More than qualified for. How’s it going?

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Sharpkat Fri 04-Sep-20 20:24:37

Please can I join. I am getting very despondent. I am more than prepared to take any job right now. Got down to the final 2 for my dream, dream job but pipped at the post.

Need to start in earnest again tomorrow.

Have been volunteering lots to keep me busy which has been great but does not pay the bills.

Sending everyone positive vibes.

Hedgesfullofbirds Fri 04-Sep-20 20:40:46

I hear you OP - miserable in my current job with its toxic, dysfunctional environment, bullying and blame culture, but very, very little in my sector to apply for, never even get a sniff of an interview and it is demoralising - most of my applications are for posts which I am perfectly qualified for, yet all that happens is...nothing, no invitation to interview or even a 'thanks, but no thanks' rejection. Seriously considering just leaving my current position at Christmas, for the sake of my mental and physical health, irrespective of whether or not I have anything new to go to.

My best wishes to all in a similar position and good luck

BaldAndWild Sat 05-Sep-20 06:57:29

I'm feeling a bit despondent, I shot myself in the foot a bit in the last interview. Now I have a rotten cold and need to stop feeling sorry for myself!
Doing some online training for a popular program that seems to be in demand. I need to do some every day to retain it.

MN banner ad is for "find your dream job with hubb"! Will take a look!

Reythemamajedi Sat 05-Sep-20 14:10:42

I've seen a couple to go for buy one has a really short closing date which always makes me think it's an internal candidate and they're just going through the motions of recruitment.

Hiremee Sun 06-Sep-20 20:48:43

How’s it going?
I’m feeling more positive today, have two zoom interviews set up. I wasn’t expecting them to be via zoom - obviously it makes perfect sense in the current climate but it just feels like another thing to worry about! Has anyone had one via zoom yet? Thoughts or tips?

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BaldAndWild Mon 07-Sep-20 11:45:27

Oh great!
I had an interview on Teams, it's a bit odd because everyone looks at the faces on the screen so it looks as if everyone is looking down!
No tips really - make sure the background is tidy?

Hiremee Mon 07-Sep-20 13:36:14

Thanks bald my first one was at 8am this morning, I was much less nervous not having to be face to face but I don’t think it went great.

How’s your search going?

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Smarshian Mon 07-Sep-20 13:42:32

Can I join? Had an interview Friday and waiting to hear back but didn’t have a great feeling about it when I left.
I’ve also been shortlisted for another job with the civil service but I’m waiting for the details and I’m not sure it’s going to be quite what I’m looking for.
Have been applying for around 3 months now. 2 other failed interviews 😫

Hiremee Mon 07-Sep-20 16:23:56

Hope it’s good news Smarshian!
It’s such a hard market at the moment

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Smarshian Mon 07-Sep-20 16:51:20

I know. What kind of work are you looking for?

Hiremee Mon 07-Sep-20 19:20:58

Anything really! Sales, customer service, admin! I’ve expanded my search to anything office based as need something ASAP now, I’m restricted to part time/ home working as childcare is so crap around here. You?

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Smarshian Mon 07-Sep-20 19:50:46

I have a job at the moment but I’m not enjoying it! I’m in recruitment but want to move into HR. In normal times I think it might be a bit easier but finding it really tough at the moment.
I’ve just had a flexible working request agreed at current role today, which I hope might make things a bit easier childcare/hours wise.

Hiremee Tue 08-Sep-20 17:07:12

That should make things easier for now then atleast * Smarshian* Did you hear back from your interview?

How’s everyone else finding it? The rejection emails are getting worse ‘too many applicants to
Provide feedback but it’s a no’.

I get why they can’t but it doesn’t help when I’m already feeling crap! I thought I was quite employable, never had issue finding work before!

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Smarshian Tue 08-Sep-20 17:59:45

Not heard back from the interview yet. Had another rejection email through today from elsewhere.
I think the problem is that there are so many people looking that it’s hard to stand out.
The only 2 interviews I’ve had have been when I’ve called and spoken to someone personally to express my interest.
I usually find that’s the best way to stand out.
Don’t take it too much to heart as it doesn’t necessarily reflect on you but just this period of time and the tough job market.

BaldAndWild Thu 10-Sep-20 07:07:08

I've applied for call centre positions and a providing care in people's home role, I have an interview for the latter next week.

HelloCanYouHearMe Thu 10-Sep-20 07:24:13

I think im on about 25 jobs applied for and have had 4 interviews so far - each one ending in failure. The worst being a for a police staff position where they were clearly just going through the motions as the role was earmarked for an internal candidate. So frustrating and I think I took it to heart a little too much - I spent so much time and effort preparing for something I had absolutely no chance of getting and I could have put the effort in elsewhere.

Im beginning to think im never going to find another job

Smarshian Thu 10-Sep-20 07:24:24

Oh good luck for the interview! Have you done much care work before?

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