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Do you drink Diet Coke or other diet drinks?

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AbsentmindedWoman Tue 01-Sep-20 18:27:36

Sipping a cold diet coke and really enjoying it. I drink a couple per week.

Are you a fan?

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FredAndChips Tue 01-Sep-20 18:31:56

I love a cold tin of coke occasionally. Has to be full fat though, i have Crohns and i can't tolerate the sweeteners in diet juice

bodgeitandscarper Tue 01-Sep-20 18:35:51

I enjoy the occasional can, try to limit it though as menopausal and don't want the phosphorous leaching calcium from my bones! shock

lazylinguist Tue 01-Sep-20 18:37:12

No, I don't really drink fizzy drinks in general. I don't really like most of them and particularly hate the taste of diet/low sugar ones. The 'posher' ones like San Pellegrino are ok, but I'm still not that fussed tbh. I'd rather have water or a cup of tea!

Legallybleachblonde Tue 01-Sep-20 18:37:37

Yes! I have one can of cold Diet Coke every lunchtime - I love it and look forward to it!

omg35 Tue 01-Sep-20 18:37:56

Love it! My favourite drink after Prosecco and sadly I can only have one can a day of the former now. Nothing better, esp if you don't drink tea and coffee and need the caffeine

tiredanddangerous Tue 01-Sep-20 18:38:22

I have a can of Diet Coke most days.

zigaziga Tue 01-Sep-20 18:39:33

No, I never drink any kind of fizzy drink or juice.

Lucked Tue 01-Sep-20 18:39:35

I probably have a sugar free fizzy drink most days. Diet Coke is one of the few I don’t like it has to be Coke Zero.

ShirleyPhallus Tue 01-Sep-20 18:41:26

I find it really weird when people say “a tin” of Diet Coke / fizzy drink

But Christ I love it. There is NOTHING better to quench your thirst than a fridge cold can of Diet Coke

Yes, I know it rots my insides and will melt my teeth etc etc

MsWonderful Tue 01-Sep-20 18:42:08

No. I used to drink it a lot but went off it. It’s full of crap really isn’t it? I bet I’ve drank 1000s of litres of it though. I still occasionally have a diet Dr Pepper though

thatplaceinjordan Tue 01-Sep-20 18:42:12

Hi my name is thatplaceinjordan and I have a Coke Zero habit

RandomTree Tue 01-Sep-20 18:43:08

Yes but I'm trying to cut down. I've been wfh since lockdown and I find that I drink too much of it when I'm working at the kitchen table (ie right next to the fridge!).

RiverCrossing Tue 01-Sep-20 18:45:08

Yes - I am careful about what I eat and refuse to drink calories but I have a terrible Diet Coke and energy drink habit. I know it’s bad, I’ve tried to cut down but the headaches put me off. I’ve had 3 cans of coke and a monster today - but also 3l of water.

justanotherneighinparadise Tue 01-Sep-20 18:45:09

I don’t drink it but I had no idea about it leeching calcium from your bones!!!

Cocolapew Tue 01-Sep-20 18:47:29

I drink 2 or 3 cans of Diet Coke a day, I'm trying to get it down to 1 a day grin

Inextremis Tue 01-Sep-20 18:48:00

I used to drink Diet Coke with vodka in it. Now I've given up booze, it turns out I don't like Diet Coke much without it, so I've given that up too.

AgeLikeWine Tue 01-Sep-20 18:49:20

Coke Zero is much nicer than Diet Coke, but neither are a patch on full-fat.

SJaneS48 Tue 01-Sep-20 18:50:53

Yes all the time but wish I didn’t as it’s really bad for you!

reluctantbrit Tue 01-Sep-20 18:50:58

No, not anymore. I had a bad Coke Zero habit and broke it finally to a point that I actually don't like it very much anymore.

I drink it if I am desperate for caffein and it has to be cold or at a friend's house as none of my friends like sparkling water or is a pure juice drinker.

I find most diet drinks taste really artificial, the changes in San Pellegrion's lemonade are awful.

DD (13) likes it but I am careful with the amount and in general it is a drink she has when we are out for food, at a party or as a treat with pizza.

WhatHaveIFound Tue 01-Sep-20 18:51:11

No, I don't drink fizzy drinks as they give me indigestion. I tend to just drink water, occasionally elderflower cordial.

Wannabegreenfingers Tue 01-Sep-20 18:51:30

Not diet, absolutely vile. Artificial sweetners are the work of the devil....

Elieza Tue 01-Sep-20 18:52:17

I used to be addicted to that stuff.
Then menopause hit. It seems more than a coincidence that that shit is bad for your skeleton and now suddenly I can no longer drink it. Diet or full fat.
Soooo gutted. Used to drink at least two cans a day. Now I only drink it if I want to shit myself thin it use up excess bog roll. sad

Mum2jenny Tue 01-Sep-20 18:53:39

Only full fat coke as I do not like the artificial sweeteners, and only very occasionally

EssentialHummus Tue 01-Sep-20 18:53:43

Love it, but only bottles and not cans. I drink far too much.

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