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Leasehold/freehold property

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Qwenzo Mon 31-Aug-20 19:37:56

Is there any way to check if someone’s house is leasehold or freehold?

I received a demand for ground rent for my mum’s house. I was under the impression she’d bought the lease several years ago. I queried this with the solicitor charged with collecting the ground rent - he said she hadn’t bought the lease. Fair enough, I paid the ground rent and arranged for a surveyor to come next week and sort out a price for the lease so I can sell her house.

On checking with land registry and on the website, both say the property is freehold.

Is there a foolproof way to check for sure?

Thank you

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TooManyDogsandChildren Mon 31-Aug-20 20:30:32

If the freehold is registered in your mum's name at the land registry then that is conclusive - she owns it.

If the freehold is in anyone else's name, she does not. If hers was/is a long lease (21 years or more) you may find entries at the land registry for both the freehold and leasehold interests, so just make sure you are looking at the right thing.

Qwenzo Mon 31-Aug-20 20:40:50

Do I need to purchase the title deeds? £3

I can’t see who’s name it’s in?

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Qwenzo Mon 31-Aug-20 20:43:21

It doesn’t say a name - just freehold. I used the link.

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TooManyDogsandChildren Tue 01-Sep-20 21:07:39

Yes you need to purchase the title deeds for £3. Use this link Look for the registered proprietor. Don't forget to download the copy the title or you may have to buy it again.

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