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Letting go successfully

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tonicwaterj Mon 31-Aug-20 19:22:30

I am a single parent to a son I am very proud of. He is 24 and next Saturday will move out to live with his girlfriend in rented accommodation. I am genuinely happy that he is moving on with his life but in all honesty find the hardest thing the relationship he has with his possible future parents in law. I lost my husband and he lost his father to mental health issues when he was 5 and he was my absolute rock. I basically had to succeed as best I could no matter what. When he went to university I knew it would be tough but I have a job I enjoy and also work Voluntarily for an organisation close to my heart so am relatively busy and kept myself occupied. It was ok. He met his girlfriend at Uni and she is a lovely girl. I met his family at the graduation and they are a nice family. My Fear is that she has a large family and my son will not bother with me anymore. Her family are often meeting up for for lunches and gatherings. She has a sister so they tend to go out as a family for meals. The family live c. 25 miles from me. My son and his partner will be moving to London. I live close to London but appreciate they will want to get back to the larger gatherings offered by her family. My son drives but her parents often help out and will help out with the move as they can both drive and her dad has a van. For my son it is just me and I cannot drive so am limited in how I can help out. Will give them some money to get some items for the flat. I have to let go I know and let him live his life without interfering and I will but it really does feel tough. I do wonder if it is normal to feel this way When it is time to let go or wether I am being self centred and ridiculous.

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