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Little things that happened to you in the past which now make you angry

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user1475002412 Mon 31-Aug-20 10:48:38

Was talking to my dc about getting a job after school when they’re older and I remembered my own after school job in a supermarket. I worked 4 evenings a week 5-9 for £4 an hour.

I worked in the bakery. There was never a manager there (they’d left by then) but there would always be a bakery assistant there called Sheila (made up name!) I remember as a young 16 year old starting work, smiling & saying hello Sheila, how are you, what do you want me to do this evening, cutting bread, cleaning etc Sheila would always be really unfriendly and made the job awful.

However, the worst thing was that she was the mother of a girl in my class let’s say her name was Beverly. I didn’t know this until Beverly told my whole year group that “everyone hated” me at work. Beverly took great delight in telling made up stories about me and how I was at work.

At the time I don’t think I was that upset because the only person I ever really worked with was Sheila and I knew I worked hard and always made an effort. But now I think WTF? Why would someone much older than me, with a daughter my age, be so cruel and make up such rubbish?? It honestly baffles me!

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Ludo19 Mon 31-Aug-20 11:05:02

Because she was a twisted bitter cow and jealous that she pushed out a sad ugly bitch, instead of having a daughter like you. Feel pity.....That's all people like that deserve as they're really miserable and pathetic.

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