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Any hairdressers around? Frizzy highlighted hair

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Balloono Mon 31-Aug-20 00:11:46


Can anyone recommend a treatment/something I can do to tame my hair? I have a half head of highlights every 4 months or so, but the top layer of my hair is now so frizzy it looks awful. The non-highlighted hair underneath is smooth so I’m
Assuming it’s the damage caused from
Colouring it. Would welcome any tips as I’m
Sick of trying to battle with it. Thank you!

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Frankiegoes Mon 31-Aug-20 00:20:04

Not a hairdresser but I'd recommend using Olaplex No 3 and a deep conditioning mask once a week.

Balloono Mon 31-Aug-20 07:09:54

Thank you, I’ll give the olaplex a go!

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horrayforharoldlloyd Mon 31-Aug-20 07:49:49

Olaplex - the whole range!

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