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I think my child had leukaemia

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Phillycheesesteak Sun 30-Aug-20 17:29:52

His cousin had it and was the same. Pale, feels warm but no temp, crying all the time.

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formerbabe Sun 30-Aug-20 17:31:36

How old is your dc? You can't diagnose them yourself...take them to the doctor. I hope all is ok.

JoshLymanIsHotterThanSam Sun 30-Aug-20 17:31:49


JamieLeeCurtains Sun 30-Aug-20 17:32:13

Had or has? Have you alerted your GP?

Phillycheesesteak Sun 30-Aug-20 17:33:52

His cousin died of it. My child is 2. Its dawned on me today he has the same symptoms

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JustHereWithPopcorn Sun 30-Aug-20 17:35:23

Call the doctors and get an appointment. Hopefully it's just a viral thing and he will be ok.

Phillycheesesteak Sun 30-Aug-20 17:36:04

I know I cant diagnosis it myself. fucking hell

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CandyLeBonBon Sun 30-Aug-20 17:36:07

Those symptom could be so many things. If you're concerned, you need to get in touch with your go for tests but they'll want to rule out other causes first

Quartz2208 Sun 30-Aug-20 17:36:35

How long it’s likely some form of infection blood tests should clear things up

DPotter Sun 30-Aug-20 17:36:44

The symptoms of leukaemia are the same as many other, far less scary diagnoses. Your child could be getting chicken pox for example or a cold.
Please don't panic - that doesn't help anyone. Give your little one fluids, lots of cuddles and food if they want it. And tomorrow phone the GP

Grobagsforever Sun 30-Aug-20 17:36:48

It's a virus or teething OP.

Pls try not to worry

FiveFootTwoEyesOfBlue Sun 30-Aug-20 17:37:58

Pale, feels warm but no temp, crying all the time - this could be many many other less serious illnesses. Make an appointment with your GP.

PurpleDaisies Sun 30-Aug-20 17:39:53

It’s highly unlikely to be leukaemia. He’s most likely got a cold or something brewing.

If you’re worried, seeing your gp is the right course of action.

DolphinsAndNemesis Sun 30-Aug-20 17:40:20

Those symptoms could point to so many illnesses. Please don't jump to the worst case scenario immediately. I do understand, as I am a worrier too. But it is far more likely to be something ordinary and mild.

Phillycheesesteak Sun 30-Aug-20 17:41:38

Its gone on for weeks

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SnuggyBuggy Sun 30-Aug-20 17:43:02

Have you tried to get a doctors appointment?

Wankerchief Sun 30-Aug-20 17:43:26

If it's gone on for weeks then you should of already seen a doctor, what did they say?

Phillycheesesteak Sun 30-Aug-20 17:44:59

It's on and off
I've spoken to the health visitor but they weren't bothered really

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Phillycheesesteak Sun 30-Aug-20 17:45:13

I will book an appointment this week

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WelshMoth Sun 30-Aug-20 17:45:29

This is panic setting in OP - your thoughts are being flooded with worse case scenarios.

Get him seen by a GP as soon as you can but you must, for his sake, keep on top of your thoughts. You must.

As a op said, his symptoms could be explained by a number of things. Try and stay calm and get him seen.


haba Sun 30-Aug-20 17:45:56

I appreciate why you're anxious about the symptoms, but they sound exactly like my children when they were teething, and yes, went on for weeks at a time. Please see a gp for reassurance.

Phillycheesesteak Sun 30-Aug-20 17:46:37

Well when does it stop? Hes throwing himself on the floor, refusing to walk, diarrhoea

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SnuggyBuggy Sun 30-Aug-20 17:47:32

The 2 year molars can be grim

midwifeync Sun 30-Aug-20 17:49:03

Sounds like teething, but definitely go to the GP for reassurance. You are understandably very anxious.

DishRanAwayWithTheSpoon Sun 30-Aug-20 17:49:18

Its most likely to just be a virus OP. Theres many mant things it could be before leukaemia, dont panic. Many toddlers cry all the time and it could just be his age. Feeling warm doesnt really mean anything.

Make a drs appointment, get him seen. But try not to worry before you need to

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