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Problems with builder- need advice

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Lottapianos Sun 30-Aug-20 15:36:53

We had builders start work on our house last Mon - new bathroom, and kitchen floor being re tiled. The work was due to take 2 weeks. DP and I went away for a few days, not least of all because we only have one bathroom, and came back yesterday (Sat). The wisdom of leaving the house while work was ongoing is a separate issue, and let's park it for now

Builder sent me photos of the work every day, and all looked good. Then he messaged on Friday evening to say that work was complete, a week ahead of schedule.

We got home yesterday and there are MANY problems. Whole house covered in dust - we spent most of last evening and all of this morning cleaning. Damage to front door frame. Fag ash and butts in the toilet brush holder. A chipped tile on bathroom floor. Several other things that need repairing. And this afternoon, water coming from bathroom into kitchen below - DP investigated and the area behind bath taps has not been sealed. Theres also a leak behind toilet.

I am FUMING. I phoned him and have sent photos of what needs repairing and he said he will sort it. Messaged him this pm about bath leak and said I wanted it sorted today and he replied 'got it'. Not good enough. He has offered to replace toilet brush but no.apology for the fact that his team were smoking in our house without permission

I feel their work is shoddy, careless and unprofessional. The actual tiling work is fine but there are so many problems that need sorting. He is due to come round Thurs or Fri to sort out snag list.We have paid 50% of the total bill so far. Please advise what you would do and how we should handle this situation- I'm really angry and could do with more experienced heads. Thanks

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Lottapianos Sun 30-Aug-20 16:33:26


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CuriousaboutSamphire Sun 30-Aug-20 16:47:09

Stay annoyed, but dial it down a little bit, let the builder show his hand.

When he had responded, in writing, to the issues you have highlighted then you can choose how angry to be.

Currently you have a bathroom with an unusable suite, so he fixes it all before he sees any more money... You are not refusing to pay, just retaining a sizeable % due to the fact that your bathroom is unusable.

He should have used that last week tidying and snagging it himself! Lazy, lazy. I bet he's kicking himself, and any subcontractors now!

billysboy Sun 30-Aug-20 16:52:04

Give the builder an opportunity to get all of the problems sorted and give him a list of what you need rectified Make sure you keep a sizeable chunk back until everything is sorted out and explain all of this as well any boundaries that you want to maintain , explain your expectations clearly and reasonably

Lottapianos Sun 30-Aug-20 16:57:23

Very good advice from both of you, thank you. I will email him a list of jobs to be sorted, before he comes on Thursday. He has already offered to take off the cost of some additional materials (adhesive, tiles) that were required during the job, and has said he will sort all of the snags. I'm just horrified by the smoking, and the state they left the house in, and the lack of attention to detail. Lazy, as you rightly say, and careless

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