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If you could wipe our aggression and violence,

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Soubriquet Sun 30-Aug-20 12:04:31

But the only way to do that was for everyone who had the potential to be violent had to die, would you do it?

Would you risk one life, to save millions?

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looperb Sun 30-Aug-20 12:10:14

well surely everyone has the potential to be violent? so how does that work?

Meruem Sun 30-Aug-20 12:10:20

99% of us have the potential to be violent in the “right” circumstances. So virtually everyone would die. If one of my DC’s was under threat and I could only save them by killing their attacker then I would do it without a second thought.

WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo Sun 30-Aug-20 12:25:35

You'd have to tweak it a bit.

Everyone who has the potential to be violent towards a vulnerable person? Then maybe.

Soubriquet Sun 30-Aug-20 12:27:28

Well let’s say it’s the one who are violent for the sake of it

Not because of a response such as your children are in trouble

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