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What's going on in your house this Bank Holiday Sunday?

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ListenLinda Sun 30-Aug-20 08:50:32

Just that really smile

DH is working 6am until 2pm today, just me and the DC for the minute.
They are deep in a baby shark marathon, I'm procrastinating on here until I can be bothered putting the mountain of clothes away that have piled up all week.
Visiting family later, before going to get my nails done and DH is making burgers for tea.

What about you all?

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Highlytrainedflunky Sun 30-Aug-20 08:58:32

Every one is still a sleep and I’m on MN scrolling with a cup of tea.

Dh is in the office for a couple of hours today then we will go for Sunday lunch.

I’m debating whether to get the paddle board out if it’s warm enough for my last go of the season sad

RockyisMYRhino Sun 30-Aug-20 10:19:31

DS and I have been awake since 7. He's had breakfast and we've been for a walk for some fresh air. Now sitting having my precious second coffee (am 6 weeks pregnant with DC2 and coffee seems to be the only thing I can stomach in the mornings) waiting for DH to wake up then we might wander over to the park or something later on.

84claire84 Sun 30-Aug-20 10:22:55

OH is playing golf and the children are asleep. Catching up on married at first sight Australia in peace

cliffdiver Sun 30-Aug-20 10:23:46

DH and DD1 went on a run this morning.

DD2 and I played Junior Monopoly.

This afternoon, we're going to Pizza Express.

BiteyShark Sun 30-Aug-20 10:23:48

DH has gone for a run and I am sat with the dog on the sofa waiting for tescos to arrive.

Marmite27 Sun 30-Aug-20 10:25:31

DH at home alone, supposed to be cleaning /tidying.
DC1 at my mums, currently walking the dog.
DC2 and I currently in hospital, hoping to be released today. (Nasty infection in a joint following a viral infection, went to a clinic appointment Wednesday and not been home since. She’s had a GA to have fluid drained and is in iv antibiotics).

crosser62 Sun 30-Aug-20 10:26:27

Argument with dh who has stomped off.
I just want peace.
I’m on a night shift tonight, leave me the fuck alone.
So, atmosphere, silent treatment, he will be as awkward as fuck all day over everything now, so pretty shit really.
I’ll try to keep out of the way, make sure the kids are fed & ok, but just want to run away.

JigoloHarMegiddo Sun 30-Aug-20 10:27:38

DIY central here this morning. We need to reseal the ensuite bath to stop it leaking through the kitchen ceiling 🤬😱.

DD is going shopping with a friend. DS2 will be asleep til about midday. DS3 is playing Monster Hunter.

Chippy tea to celebrate the end of the holidays, and we're watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey tonight, in advance of B&T3 when it comes out on Tuesday.

Moonflower12 Sun 30-Aug-20 10:27:59

DP is fast asleep on the sofa. It was a busy night on the ambulance. I'll wake him in a bit to go to bed. DD playing Minecraft and telling me about it.
I'm going to sort all the uniform and name it all.
Then cook Sunday Lunch for about 5pm and wave DP off, for another night of 'fun and games'a- his description!

Moonflower12 Sun 30-Aug-20 10:30:32

Also I'm online buying things for 'Operation Warm House this Winter'.
We live in a very cold Victorian cottage so I'm hunting down things to make it warmer, door curtains etc.

Musmerian Sun 30-Aug-20 10:46:56

Waiting for new dishwasher after 7 week saga of terrible customer service and non repair from NAC Apliance repair (avoid like the plague). DH has just mowed lawn, DC3 still in bed. I’m back to school next week so am doing my usual house cleaning/gardening avoidance strategies. Am also going to start watching Season 2 of Harlots later.

userxx Sun 30-Aug-20 10:52:03

@crosser62 That's sounds shit 😞

Pascha Sun 30-Aug-20 10:54:55

Sitting in a day tent at Brands Hatch watching GT racing with 7yo ds2 on my lap, Ds1 and DH have gone for a wander towards the pit straight (and please god the coffee).

NancyNoNickers Sun 30-Aug-20 10:59:31

Only me and DS 2 up, he’s online with friends, Tesco arrived too early so I need to put it away. Having tea and watching Say Yes to The Dress. Having friends round later, gonna make a roast chicken dinner for about 5pm and have a movie night, try to get everyone to bed at a half decent hour. Have period pains from hell so want to take it easy.

Hotelhelp Sun 30-Aug-20 11:02:09

I’m watching Married at First Sight Australia.
Kids are baking.
OH is dismantling their old broken trampoline.

I have so much other stuff I should be doing blush

MillieMoodle Sun 30-Aug-20 11:17:55

None of us are out of pjs yet blush DS1 is playing Fortnite, DS2 is playing with Lego, DH is on his phone and I'm MNing. About to take DC to get showered, then I'll get ready. Going to my parents for a Sunday lunch and looking forward to it! Will do a few bits round the house this afternoon - naming school uniform and tidying up/cleaning. Will watch a film tonight with DH when DC are in bed. Will also paint my nails! Might try to get out for a walk this afternoon too.

HappydaysArehere Sun 30-Aug-20 11:23:44

I fell off a two step ladder and landed on the corner of a freezer. Now in total agony -so not a lot except there is a series of groans and occasional yells.
Hope you are all managing to enjoy your weekend and remember - don’t go up steps unless you remember which step you are on !!

ListenLinda Sun 30-Aug-20 11:25:10

I need to get out of the house now, the kids are climbing the walls 😂

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ListenLinda Sun 30-Aug-20 11:25:44

@HappydaysArehere ouch! Hope you’re okay!

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bearlyactive Sun 30-Aug-20 11:28:49

Typing away on my laptop supposed to be working but actually MNing before a cooked brunch and defrosted soup for dinner.

Oldraver Sun 30-Aug-20 11:35:43

Just about toi do some jobs, repot some plants, fix coathanger thingy, redo a light fitting

And see if the plumbing repairs are not leaking

Exciting stuff

Nickinoo30 Sun 30-Aug-20 11:35:49

Can I ask what you are watching Season 2 on? I can only find it on Prime which you have to pay for 🙄

onlyreadingneverposting8 Sun 30-Aug-20 11:45:53

It's our eldest son's 18th birthday today.

spiderlight Sun 30-Aug-20 11:48:14

We're supposed to be building a new desk for DS's room but DH is feeling a bit queasy, so he's gone for a lie down while DS and I carted it all up to the loft. It's a two-man job and DS has slept funny on his finger hmm so he can't help, so I'm just pottering around waiting for DH to feel better.

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