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Clear Blue weeks gone down😔

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Furbabymum15 Sun 30-Aug-20 08:19:30

Hello, I am 6wks 4 days pregnant. I have I've tested each week with a weeks indicator test and had 1-2, 2-3 weeks I tested this morning which should be 3+ but it said 1-2 weeks 😔 I have had some spotting some I'm assuming it's a waiting miscarriage. Has anyone any experiences?

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cosmo30 Sun 30-Aug-20 08:30:46

No experience or advice but didn't want to read and run, can you contact your local epu?

redlipped Sun 30-Aug-20 08:51:37

Hi OP. Sorry you're experiencing this anxiety. I had some bleeding (quite heavy) at 6 weeks. I went to my GP and was sent straight for a scan. I have heard that some places don't do this so early, but my GP was very supportive. Any bleeding in pregnancy should really be checked out. Could you contact your GP or local EPU

Sexnotgender Sun 30-Aug-20 08:53:29

Hopefully your EPU/MW is around to speak to?

FloreanFortescue Sun 30-Aug-20 08:55:43

A hand hold OP, whatever the outcome thanks

Furbabymum15 Sun 30-Aug-20 08:58:54

Hi all, I have thanks for your replies and hand holds...... Im being sent for an assessment on Wednesday morning so hopefully know what's happening then. I'm not feeling hopeful after 2 miscarriages already xx

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Pancakeorcrepe Sun 30-Aug-20 09:28:01

I hope it’s good news, keeping my fingers crossed.
I’m sure the hormones fluctuate up and down so everything is still to play for. Try not to do more tests in the meantime just so you’re not stressing yourself out.

Furbabymum15 Sun 30-Aug-20 09:40:18

@Pancakeorcrepe thankyou xx I'm not feeling hope but I will keep you updated xx

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Furbabymum15 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:34:59

Just incase this may help somebody in the future the outcome was miscarriage xx

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heartsonacake Mon 31-Aug-20 20:36:52

Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that sad flowers

Laiste Mon 31-Aug-20 20:53:37

Sorry to hear this OP
Look after yourself x

Marmosetmarmalade Mon 31-Aug-20 20:54:29

Sorry to hear your news OP. It’s thoroughly crap.

cosmo30 Tue 01-Sep-20 08:01:18

@Furbabymum15 I'm sorry op that's just shit. Wishing you all the best for the future thanks

FloreanFortescue Tue 01-Sep-20 16:34:25

I'm sorry it was bad news OP sad please take care of yourself thanks

Pancakeorcrepe Tue 01-Sep-20 19:48:03

I’m really sorry to hear that, how upsetting 💐
Have they said why it happened, will they investigate further?

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