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Any heart experts out there? Advice needed on op problem

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LavenderHoney Sun 30-Aug-20 07:42:04

I am in a quandary and so worried. My dh has recently had a stent op. The op went badly and the consultant said his heart is now in spasm and he needs to go in and do it again. His op was 2 weeks ago, they sent him home the same night and he was in worse condition after the op than before. Was told it would be fine

The Constant rang last week, apologised for messing up the op and said he would get him in again. Since then nothing despite leaving messages with his secretaries. The consultant also said my dh needed an extra medicine urgently which the consultant said he would notify our doctors ASAP however nothing has happened.

Dh is really poorly, can't breathe very well, mixes up words due to lack of oxygen, and is now losing sensation in his fingers.

Does he have to have the same consultant do it. And is there anything I can do? Dh has been dealing with things but he is frightened of upsetting anyone in case it impacts his op. Am I over reacting and the wait is fine? Thank you

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WiseUpJanetWeiss Sun 30-Aug-20 07:48:07

Not a Dr of any kind, but get him to the A&E of the hospital where he had surgery. No one will be upset with him.

Bananarama101 Sun 30-Aug-20 07:49:11

Given those circumstances I would be ringing 999 right now. I'm not sure what you mean by in spasm, but he needs to get checked over.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 30-Aug-20 07:49:18

Honestly if he is mixing up words and losing sensation in his fingers I would take him straight back to hospital as it sounds as though he needs oxygen.
You could approach PALS and see if they could mediate on your behalf as to whether another surgeon would be possible. I think you need the details of what went wrong was it equipment failure ( not the surgeons fault) or did the surgeon make a mistake. I think knowing the exact details of what went wrong would be helpful.

ditavonteesed Sun 30-Aug-20 07:50:08

Don't take him to hospital yourself, call 999.

Rupertpenrysmistress Sun 30-Aug-20 07:51:04

Your DH need care urgently. Do you think he needs to go to A&E? As you know weekend care is not the best, 111 will advise A&E I think based on what you are saying. Your DH will not upset anyone if he pushes things, how has no one sorted his drugs out? That's shocking. PALS are brilliant but I don't think they are in today, not sure if he will be able to request a different surgeon as this one might be the only one who does this procedure.

I would probably go to A&E he sounds like he is deteriorating from your post. Did the surgeon say what went wrong? Obviously with any procedure there is risk, in my experience when things go wring in the NHS the are quick to address it.

LavenderHoney Sun 30-Aug-20 08:24:21

He isn't slurring his words, he is saying one thing and meaning another, like you do when you are over tired. Not all the time, just occasionally and when I raised it he said he thought it was lack of oxygen. He tells me not to worry so much. He has been up in the night and is now asleep but I am worried enough to think I should step in. I offered to call the secretaries or the heart suite myself but he said he was doing it. He is moving around - not bed ridden but I also think he isn't telling me everything. It took him 2 days to tell me he had to be sedated during the op as his heart went into spasm. They sent him home same day so can't have been worried.

He had the op a week and a half ago and I think I'm just worried about the lack of urgency, but if the hospital aren't worried should I be? I have no idea and he says I am fussing but I think he is scared so burying his head in the sand

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AlwaysLatte Sun 30-Aug-20 08:43:30


Lonecatwithkitten Sun 30-Aug-20 15:59:09

Aphasia - the mixing up of words is a very serious clinical signs the most common cause is a stroke. Your husband really needs to be seen urgently.

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