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Which fish oil?

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LeGrandBleu Sun 30-Aug-20 06:17:16

This contradiction between studies is explained here.
@rutabellsum Personally, I have had huge benefits.

I follow a restricted plant diet to reduce the burden of tumours of a genetic disease and have regular blood test. As some point I was having memory issues, it started with small things, a capital, the name of an actor (Johnny Deep, how can anyone forget that) and so on, then it moved to some very troubling episode, my house number, inverting the number of my phone number, and even the year one of my children was born when making a dentist appointment . It wasn't that I got it wrong, I had no clue, and had to calculate it backward subtracting the age from the year we were in.

This is when I paid to get my omega 3 index tested. I was 3.8. At 3.5 there is cognitive decline. I for sure was already having cognitive decline. I was eating 836% of plant Omega 3, flax seed, chia seed, walnut, but it seems my body didn't convert ALA into DHA and EPA. My diet was making me demented.

Since then I supplement with algae sourced EPA - DHA, and my number have passed the 8 and I hope the next text will be above the optimal 12 (8-12 is the minimal range, ideal above 12) .

My memory is back to normal .

You might find this interview of Bill Harris interesting

Because I take plant EPA / DHA there is no smell, no side effect, no burp.

I recommend everyone to test their omega 3 index at least once . I pay a lab here in Sydney. If it wasn't for covid, I would do the Omegaquant test as cheaper and easier, but mail service is too disrupted.

rutabellsum Sat 29-Aug-20 23:37:27

Posting here for traffic..
New research show there are no real proven benefits for regular consumption of fish oil supplements, yet the multi-billion industry of fish oil extraction is flourishing, mainly due to brilliant marketing.

So what do you think? Is it worth the money? Which brand to go for? Can you really feel the benefits, and after how many months of use? How often do you take it? Which type doesn't give you the nasty fishy burp after?
I am not sure if to believe all the all fuss around it..

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