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Settle a stupid argument for me...

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WickedEmoji Sat 29-Aug-20 23:18:32

Is a a smurf a gnome?

For classification purposes, the genus would be gnome, the species would be smurf.

Yabu no, smurfs are not gnomes
Yanbu, smurfs are indeed gnomes

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AnneLovesGilbert Sat 29-Aug-20 23:18:52


sycamorecottage Sat 29-Aug-20 23:20:21

Gnomus smurfii azureus

<bangs gavel>

Sweetmotherofallthatisholyabov Sat 29-Aug-20 23:22:06


Quire Sat 29-Aug-20 23:22:11

Yabu. Gnot gnomes.

WickedEmoji Sat 29-Aug-20 23:27:13

Hmm. But what about their hats?!?

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MonsteraDeliciosa Sat 29-Aug-20 23:27:32

I don’t gnow.

DamitJanet Sat 29-Aug-20 23:36:25

No, a smurf is a smurf not a gnome.

Gingaaarghpussy Sat 29-Aug-20 23:58:24

a surf is a surf is a smurf. grin

Gingaaarghpussy Sat 29-Aug-20 23:59:12

fucking autocorrect *smurf x2 not surf

Cabinfever10 Sun 30-Aug-20 00:17:06

Everyone knows that smurffs are male fairies smile

Anordinarymum Sun 30-Aug-20 00:29:39

A smurf is a pixie. A gnome is a small bearded man with a hat. I know smurfs wear hats but they are blue.

I hope this helps

Stompythedinosaur Sun 30-Aug-20 01:05:15

Cabin then what is smurfette?

I think smurfs are a subset of gnomes with common lineage to the garden gnome.

ShrimpSymphony Sun 30-Aug-20 01:08:28


Makesmilingyourbesthobby Sun 30-Aug-20 01:14:30

Smurfette was made out of clay and magic by the smurfs enemy Gargamel to trick the smurfs, and no I wouldn’t say smurfs are gnomes totally different creatures

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 30-Aug-20 07:15:33

Definitely not gnomes - or only very very very distantly related

WickedEmoji Sun 30-Aug-20 10:42:43


A smurf is a pixie. A gnome is a small bearded man with a hat. I know smurfs wear hats but they are blue.

I hope this helps

Wait. Pixie?
Small bearded man with a hat. Literally Papa Smurf? Blue lives matter!

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Pelleas Sun 30-Aug-20 10:59:09

They are mutant Wombles.

JamieLeeCurtains Sun 30-Aug-20 11:02:03

Gnomes are thought to have evolved from Gnomapithecus in the early Paleolithic.

Smurfs evolved from Boy George's blue chin circa 2008.

QuestionMarkNow Sun 30-Aug-20 11:04:11


How dare anyone say they are gnomes?!?!?

PurpleDaisies Sun 30-Aug-20 11:04:18


Smurfs are smurfs.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Sun 30-Aug-20 11:11:28

Pixies are green. I was a sixer in the Pixies. I know.

I am unsure whether smurfs are gnomes. But they are most definitely NOT pixies.

FedUpAtHomeTroels Sun 30-Aug-20 11:17:10

I think they are gnomes, would that mean.
All Smurfs are gnomes but not all gnomes are smurfs?

WhatamessIgotinto Sun 30-Aug-20 11:18:01

A Smurf is not a pixie, what is this madness? Smurfs are Smurfs from Smurfland. Or Smurfsville. Or Smurf Vegas or something.

steakhousesally Sun 30-Aug-20 11:21:17

No, smurfs are not gnomes.

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