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Need help with romantic getaway ideas!

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Tallpaulwho Sat 29-Aug-20 20:37:09

Hi, my DH and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next July. I'm trying to plan a mid week romantic getaway for us. First time we will child free in a decade, but I'm a bit stuck for ideas. Can be anywhere in UK or Western Europe for 3 days. However am a bit restricted as I am disabled. I walk with a cane and struggle with large amounts of walking. Want somewhere easy to get to by Eurostar or flight, but not a major city centre. Paris I have been to before, so not that. I want views, peace, great food and a pool! Was thinking Tuscany or cote d'azur but I am clueless about both regions. Can anyone suggest a nice easy to get to hotel? Probably wouldnt want to drive either.

I am having dreams of lying by a gorgeous pool eating ice cream in child free peace.

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