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Nurseries in Stourbridge/Dudley area

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Papaya94 Sat 29-Aug-20 13:53:23


I'm moving from a cosmopolitan area to the Dudley area, my child and myself are of African caribbean heritage. Can anyone recommend nurseries in this area that are diverse?

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Borderstotheleftofme Sat 29-Aug-20 14:31:45

Dudley/Stourbridge are diverse already.
It’s definitely not an all white area.

Borderstotheleftofme Sat 29-Aug-20 14:46:07

Reading back, I really hope what I’ve put doesn’t come across wrong.
I just meant that unlike some areas which are predominantly populated by white people, Dudley/Stourbridge/Wolverhampton is way is a mix so all of the schools and nurseries are going to be ‘diverse’
The way I’ve phrased that first post could maybe be interpreted wrong but definitely not my intention!

Papaya94 Sat 29-Aug-20 15:05:27

Thanks anyway

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