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Complete career Change?

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twogreenbirds Sat 29-Aug-20 10:51:30

Anyone who has had a complete career change after 10/12 years to something completely different to the first career that required new degree and/or training.
Examples like -

Nursing to teaching
Solicitor to medicine
Teaching to engineering

What were your experiences, were you happy with the change? I am making a major career move and I'm just looking for others experiences, what to expect etc Thank you.

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LabradorGalore Sat 29-Aug-20 10:59:22

Surely it depends on the skill set you currently have - so what is your current role and what do you want to do?

I’m in a profession that if I fancied a change could make a move that wouldn’t require more studies.

It can be done to move roles completely but you’d have to think about finances first - how would you fund any second degree (degrees now costing £30K) and fund your current life at the same time? Do you have any kids/dependants to consider?

Equally, it can totally be done - part time usually easier and cheaper to continue working. But it often takes longer. Often roles will be available as employers benefit from someone with an understanding of the working world and you may have skills that a previous employer can utilise even if it’s a new role.

twogreenbirds Sat 29-Aug-20 11:40:04

@LabradorGalore I don't want to be too specific as it could be outing as such...sorry I know that's awkward.

Yes I have dc but they are school age, funding is not an issue.

I guess I'm just asking for a variety of experiences just Incase ppl have experienced issues etc that I haven't thought of.

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Namenic Sat 29-Aug-20 11:50:09

Healthcare to IT. V happy, better suits my personality, good work-life balance. Came across the job by chance but had planned on moving for a few years and done hobby coding with DH (who is in the industry). Didn’t want to do something which required a degree because too much risk as I have mortgage and kids. Looked on job boards for a few years in my area (because it was hard to move location) to see what was out there.

twogreenbirds Sat 29-Aug-20 11:51:28

@Namenic thank you, I'm glad you are happy with the change! 👍

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FedHimToTigersTheySnackin Sat 29-Aug-20 12:01:29

I work in a very corporate world as a senior manager and I'm currently studying an Access diploma so I can quit my job and go to uni. It has always been my dream to be a paramedic and I don't want to wait any longer. I have a mortgage and 1 child, we have had to cut back but ultimately working 58hrs a week, weekends, and being away from my son is killing me, so now is the right time. Good luck!

twogreenbirds Sat 29-Aug-20 13:09:52

@FedHimToTigersTheySnackin best of luck!! Your hard work will pay off I'm sure! 👍

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