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Childcare help/advice!

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1stTimeMum19 Fri 28-Aug-20 12:39:57

First time posting so all help welcomed!
I recently moved job just after my maternity finished to one that is better hours for the family. I'm working day times instead of working in a restaurant with crazy antisocial hours.
Anyway this has made me now sort out childcare while my other half is working during the day too. I thought a childminder would be better a home from home environment but my little girl (10m) will not settle fully and its only been a week and the childminder is giving us a 3 week settling in period. Lockdown really messed with my LG, she was never strange with people before but now she is really clingy to me and strange with people. The childminder asked me today has she been around many children before cause shes strange around the other children but there's no babies in my family and no kiddies group have been open since Coronavirus. I feel totally lost and deflated cause I need to work and feel like the worst mummy ever! She cries when I drop her off and the childminder said she's fine after I leave (she also sends me photos) but later in the afternoon it's like she realises im not around has a melt down. Any ideas how I can help her settle or anyone else's little ones strange after lockdown?

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