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Getting rid of a smell without opening the window

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Catquestion Fri 28-Aug-20 07:59:30

I’m looking after a friend’s cat for the weekend in my house. The cat used its litter tray last night the downstairs of the house still smells ‘interesting’ after it’s been emptied. I can’t open the windows as the cat can’t go can I get rid of the smell?

I’ve lit a candle but it just seems to have mingled with the cat poo smell envy (not envy)

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Hotwaterbottlelove Fri 28-Aug-20 08:03:28

Don't you have doors? Just close the door to one room with the cat inside and open a window elsewhere for a bit. Or open some windows an amount that is smaller than what a cat can squeeze through.

LaundryBasketOfHell Fri 28-Aug-20 08:06:40

Cat shit is disgusting. Febreze Febreze Febreze and then don’t look after the cat again.

YorkieTheRabbit Fri 28-Aug-20 08:06:41

Is the litter tray in the kitchen? If so, cookerhood extractor fan switched on full.

Finfintytint Fri 28-Aug-20 08:12:27

If the tray has been emptied and swabbed down then there shouldn’t be any smell. Have you washed out the plastic tray itself and where is the binned litter?

AugieMarch Fri 28-Aug-20 08:14:18

Just shut the cat in another area/room (with a a littler tray!) and let the other area air out.

Catquestion Fri 28-Aug-20 09:07:39

Thanks everyone! you’ve made it sound so simple - I can’t believe I didn’t think of those things....I’m blaming sleep deprivation

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Fri 28-Aug-20 09:46:19

Slight aside - I always puzzle about cat litter trays in a kitchen.
I mean, if someone asked me "where shall we put a tray of shit in the house?"
My immediate response would not be "I think the best place is where we prepare food" confused

ImaSababa Fri 28-Aug-20 09:47:39


Slight aside - I always puzzle about cat litter trays in a kitchen.
I mean, if someone asked me "where shall we put a tray of shit in the house?"
My immediate response would not be "I think the best place is where we prepare food" confused

Same. My friend has her cat's litter tray in the kitchen and it puts me off eating or drinking at her house. Ours is in our loo. That way everyone's shit is done in the same room.

OutOfDateAppleCrumble Fri 28-Aug-20 09:51:09

Is this how people with house cats live? Never opening the windows?


AlwaysLatte Fri 28-Aug-20 10:01:10

When we had a squirrel die in the eaves (in an inaccessible place) we put a small cup of white vinegar in a pan of boiling water and simmered it for a while, it helps deodorise the whole house.

RightOnTheEdge Fri 28-Aug-20 10:07:22

I think the OP probably doesn't want to open the window because it's someone else's cat in her house.
If it escapes in a strange place it might not come back.

Cabinfever10 Fri 28-Aug-20 10:11:03

Bicarbonate of soda will absorb the smell

Abraid2 Fri 28-Aug-20 10:12:23

Put the cat and litter tray in another room and open the windows.

GinWithRosie Fri 28-Aug-20 10:31:52

Obviously not @OutOfDateAppleCrumble 🤦‍♀️ but the OP is looking after the cat in her own home! She can't let it out as it doesn't know where it is! How would she explain that to its owner when they returned from their week in Benidorm 😱

When the cat is at its own home, it will come and go as it pleases 🤷‍♀️

WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Fri 28-Aug-20 10:31:57

Put the cat in a bag,
Open the window,
Clean litter tray out,
Let the cat out of the bag,
Dont tell anybody.

CarolVordermansArse Fri 28-Aug-20 10:32:40

Don't Febreze it, could make the cat ill, it's not that great for humans either.

AlCalavicci Fri 28-Aug-20 10:42:58

Please be very careful when useing any air freshener , they can make cats (and other pets very ill ) as PP said lock the cat in another room with it's tray and some water and open all the other doors and windows

Owleyes16 Fri 28-Aug-20 10:47:21

Light a candle then blow it out over stinky area. Scented candles don't do much when lit, but the carbon released on blowing it out stops a lot of smell. Also bicarbonate of soda, although I don't know how safe that is for cats but I would've thought it would be fine.

ShirleyPhallus Fri 28-Aug-20 10:48:46

I really don’t think people with cats realise how much they smell. You can almost always smell that a house has a cat. Unmistakable scent of cat wee.

<cue flood of “I have a cat and my house doesn’t smell” posts>

AlCalavicci Fri 28-Aug-20 11:25:53


I have a indoor cat and I have to disagree with you , my house doesn't smell .

It bloody stinks ! , I have tried alsorts of litter and food combos with little effect .
It's got to the stage now where I am considering putting a cat flap in the bathroom door ( where his tray is ) to confine the pong to one room . hmm

bythehairsonmychinichinchin Fri 28-Aug-20 11:36:23

I have in door cats. Once I’ve got rid of the 💩 I either have to spray air fresher or put the plug in air freshener on for a bit, or else the smell of 💩 lingers for ages. But I tend just to close the door so I don’t smell it.

Wood cat litter is better at absorbing the cat wee smell, the gravel type stuff stinks once it’s been wee’d in.

Vellichor Fri 28-Aug-20 11:59:07

Striking a match and letting it burn out is a good way to get rid of a smell.

WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Fri 28-Aug-20 16:45:48

Before you strike that match please make sure the cat hasn't got a bad case of wind otherwise it could be out through that window whether it is open or not! 🙀🚀

AlCalavicci Fri 28-Aug-20 19:26:58

@WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat grin grin

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