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Have no one else to share with so...

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goodnewstoshare Thu 27-Aug-20 20:16:44

I have some good news and have no one to share with so thought I'd post here.

I'm from an abusive background and am estranged from my family. I won't go into too much detail but to cut a long story short, reading saved my life. I read and read and read. I had one goal and that was to be a writer. I've always been very passionate about writing and wrote because I love it, never really wanted to do anything else.

I found out yesterday that a publisher wants to publish my novel. I haven't seen the contract yet so at the moment, it's not real if you see what I mean. But I needed to share the news with someone. smile

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Motheroftwofeline Thu 27-Aug-20 20:17:22

Wow, congratulations! What an achievement. grin

Abendintheriver Thu 27-Aug-20 20:18:11

Congratulations, that's amazing news smile I hope you treat yourself to something nice to celebrate with cakeflowerswine

WitchDancer Thu 27-Aug-20 20:18:31

That's fantastic! Congratulations 🎉

goodnewstoshare Thu 27-Aug-20 20:18:33

Thank you. It took me ten years to write, so it was an awful amount of work. I'm very pleased.

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user1498572889 Thu 27-Aug-20 20:18:48

Well done OP. It’s always lovely to hear about someone who has had a difficult life fulfilling a dream 💐 🤗

petalpower Thu 27-Aug-20 20:19:05


golddustwomen Thu 27-Aug-20 20:19:15

Fantastic !!! Congratulations op thanks

DubiousGoals Thu 27-Aug-20 20:19:26


loutypips Thu 27-Aug-20 20:19:32

Wow! Congratulations 🥳

Thiswillbeinteresting Thu 27-Aug-20 20:19:37

Huge congratulations @goodnewstoshare that’s amazing! winestar

goodnewstoshare Thu 27-Aug-20 20:24:53

Thank you I really appreciate it. I was bursting to tell someone.

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Alwaystheoddoneout Thu 27-Aug-20 20:27:27


LoseLooseLucy Thu 27-Aug-20 20:27:30

That is fantastic! Well done you flowers

Justnormajean Thu 27-Aug-20 20:29:12

How exciting and well done you!

Blackcountryexile Thu 27-Aug-20 20:31:04

That's lovely news. I'm glad all your hard work has been rewarded.

Danetobe Thu 27-Aug-20 20:31:42

Wowee! Well done!

RainbowFlowers Thu 27-Aug-20 20:32:55

Amazing!! Well done

wildcherries Thu 27-Aug-20 20:34:33

That's fantastic. Congratulations!

LottaHogs Thu 27-Aug-20 20:43:27

That’s fabulous! Well done you. I hope you’re in a happier place in life now. xxx

pinkpetal2 Thu 27-Aug-20 20:48:14

You should be so proud. I'd love to of been a writer. Congrats OP. That is a massive achievement grin

Gizmo79 Thu 27-Aug-20 20:49:34

Wow- well done you! That is amazing. You should be so proud and telling everyone in real life as well! Dreams do come true!

MadisonAvenue Thu 27-Aug-20 20:51:59

That’s wonderful news, congratulations!

Batshittery Thu 27-Aug-20 20:53:21

That is wonderful for you. Congratulations star

MyCatsSlave Thu 27-Aug-20 20:56:38

Congratulations that’s fantastic!

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