Do men wax their backs?

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Wonderrwall Thu 27-Aug-20 18:04:17

Hi, went swimming recently for first time in ages and all the men seemed very hairless. Are they waxing their chests and backs or are they just naturally hairless?

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TeeBee Thu 27-Aug-20 18:05:38

Errr. I guess some men are hairier than others. My OH is certainly not waxing his back; I'd be a bit gutted if he did.

BashfulClam Thu 27-Aug-20 18:10:54

Some men don’t have hairy backs. My ex used to be very hairy and he hated it so he did wax now and again.

Saltyauntiepoop Thu 27-Aug-20 18:13:05

I imagine the hairy ones either dont go swimming as much due to insecurity or they do something about it before going.. on balance, black and white men in the uk are generally not very hairy.
Hairy backs are more likely in other ethnicities.

WorraLiberty Thu 27-Aug-20 18:14:31

Waxing and shaving is very common in UK men under 30.

Cloverforever Thu 27-Aug-20 18:16:56

Mine does, totally his choice.

Fanthorpe Thu 27-Aug-20 18:19:49

I offered to do my DH during lockdown, he tolerated two of the strips before refusing to do any more.


NiceGerbil Thu 27-Aug-20 18:19:58

Yes loads of men now wax/ shave various areas.

emsiewill Thu 27-Aug-20 18:29:42

My DH started getting his back waxed about 5 years ago. He hates having a hairy back. He's 50, so it's not just young men.

Bandol Thu 27-Aug-20 18:37:04

Not just back waxing but back, crack and sack...

Wonderrwall Thu 27-Aug-20 18:44:20

Wow, I'm learning a lot today!
I know some men are naturally less hairy than others but definitely used to see a lot more hair on men 5-10 years ago. Thank you everyone for replying. What percentage of men wax do you think?

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SimonJT Thu 27-Aug-20 18:48:57

I have hairy shoulders so I would usually wax those (and various other bits), before salons were open in lockdown I had to shave them instead, it was really difficult and needed doing most days which was a pain.

tigger001 Thu 27-Aug-20 18:50:23

Some do, some don't, some are hairy some are not.

Positively4thStreet Thu 14-Jan-21 02:22:01

Depends how hairy you're talking? If I had a full on mohair I would wax my back or if my partner asked me to. In general the whole movement to more manicured/metrosexual/androgynous aesthetic has made it hard for men. You've got to be 'tough' and rugged whilst also being trimmed and shiny. I guess woman have a hard time with it just as much. I just think men haven't had enough time to adapt. Man used to = Hairy, not too concerned with grooming & fashion.
Now man can be anything : Waxed, makeuped, shaved, too groomed, not groomed enough. I gather now everyone s been bleaching their teeth
to hell the slightly yellow natural look is back.

On a lighter ramble, tried the BS&C wax once. Wont again as it gets prickly in 2 days flat!

peak2021 Thu 14-Jan-21 06:49:57

Manscaping is a fairly new thing. Though I would not put back waxing in the same category, new likewise.

StarlightLady Thu 14-Jan-21 11:07:39

I have come across few men with hairy backs. But increasingly when it comes to shirts off, there seem to be far more who have removed their underarm hair.

WitchesNest Thu 14-Jan-21 12:44:39


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