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Someone stole my wheelchair in supermarket

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SimplySteveRedux Thu 27-Aug-20 14:35:53

Just needed to rant!

Was shopping in the supermarket earlier today, I use one of their motorised buggies to go around the store with and leave my wheelchair (there are only the buggies in that area (behind the tills).

Did my shopping, paid, then went to return buggy and transfer to wheelchair. Except some fucking twattish piece of shit has stolen my wheelchair.

Spoke to store - no cameras covering that area. Store allowed me to use a buggy so I could get to the car.

I'm so completely fucked now, can't leave home. Honestly, why would someone do this...

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WorraLiberty Thu 27-Aug-20 14:38:04

The cameras might not cover that area but they'll certainly cover the exit and car park.

Are the police willing to check them?

Letmegetthisrightasawoman Thu 27-Aug-20 14:39:21

That's horrendous! Surely they have CCTV at the entrance/ in the car park? I'd definitely report it to the police, it's theft. I imagine it's also very expensive, let alone valuable in other ways. Hope you get it sorted soon! (Obviously not a priority now, but could you suggest the supermarket get those trolleys that attach to wheelchairs?)

HedgehogSmedgehog Thu 27-Aug-20 14:41:04

Might someone have thought it was a store wheelchair to borrow? If it was left in the same place as the buggy’s? Can the store check if anyone in there has got it?

Sorry it’s left you struggling flowers

FinnyStory Thu 27-Aug-20 14:41:34

That so off, I wonder if maybe someone else had "borrowed" it, thinking it was one of the ones available for loan?

treeeeemendous Thu 27-Aug-20 14:42:04

That is despicable. They must have cameras covering the entrance because of shoplifters. I'd log it with the police and ask that they request footage.

Nikori Thu 27-Aug-20 14:44:35


That so off, I wonder if maybe someone else had "borrowed" it, thinking it was one of the ones available for loan?

I wondered that too. I think you need to make this the supermarket's problem. Did they call the police at least? Or did they just fob you off?

sarahC40 Thu 27-Aug-20 14:44:51

That’s a truly shitty thing to do. Hope that you get some help from the store and police! Really sorry, op.

eurochick Thu 27-Aug-20 14:44:54

I would also be inclined to assume a mistake unless it doesn't turn up in a couple of hours. If it doesn't post on your local Facebook or neighbour group to see if someone can be shamed into returning it.

Ickabog Thu 27-Aug-20 14:45:20


Might someone have thought it was a store wheelchair to borrow? If it was left in the same place as the buggy’s? Can the store check if anyone in there has got it?

Sorry it’s left you struggling flowers

This was my first thought. I would call the store and see if has been returned to the area.

NailsNeedDoing Thu 27-Aug-20 14:45:53

Didn’t the supermarket do anything else to investigate? Maybe another shopper thought they could use it just while they were in there because it belonged to the shop?

Gazelda Thu 27-Aug-20 14:45:54

What are the supermarket doing to help you? I presume you've reported to the police.
Do you use social media? Around here, the Facebook mafia would be going all guns blazing to find it and get it returned to you.

Topseyt Thu 27-Aug-20 14:47:22

That is awful. I do hope you get it back soon.

It might be possible that someone else thought it was one of the buggies that belonged to the store if it was parked in that area and had no lock on it? So it might have been in the store and was put back later on? Maybe that means you have a good chance of it being returned.

Keep calling the store for now and asking.

Cheetahfajita Thu 27-Aug-20 14:51:55

Phone the police. There's cctv on the exit so they'll be able to see who took it.

MMN123 Thu 27-Aug-20 14:53:51

What a git!

If you need a basic one as a stopgap until a replacement can be organised, the Red Cross loan them out

modgepodge Thu 27-Aug-20 14:56:04

This exact thing happened to my step mum at an airport - while she wasnt in her wheelchair it was given to someone else to use - someone incorrectly assumed it was a communal one for borrowing. I can’t remember the ins and outs but she did get it back the same day after a bit of faff. Fingers crossed that’s what happened here and it hasn’t actually been stolen.

YetAnotherSpartacus Thu 27-Aug-20 14:56:20

I am so sorry. That is just despicable. The store need to do more to ensure that you get it back and that this does not happen to anyone ever again.

diddl Thu 27-Aug-20 15:04:31

The store should def be doing more.

Hopefully a genuine mistake & it will be returned.

Amber0685 Thu 27-Aug-20 15:06:42

Have you left your contact details and a description of your wheelchair with the supermarket? As pp have said, someone may have thought it was a store one and 'borrowed' it.

ithinkiveseenthisfilmbefore Thu 27-Aug-20 15:11:56

Despicable. I'm so sorry, OP.

PerkingFaintly Thu 27-Aug-20 15:13:15

Oh god, I live in fear of this. I feel like such a prat sending people to regularly check my battered old warhorse hasn't been nicked from one pram-store or another, as if it were a precious treasure – but to me it is.

It's so easy for them to be taken by misunderstanding, never mind by some malicious little funster.


I really, really hope you get it back.

AntiHop Thu 27-Aug-20 15:13:42

This is so awful op.

PerkingFaintly Thu 27-Aug-20 15:16:27

In fact you've prompted me to dig out a bike lock and also make a banner saying "Private property: PerkingFaintly, tel no" to wrap the seat closed when I'm not there.

Got my fingers crossed for yours coming back soon and safely.

Rae36 Thu 27-Aug-20 15:16:35

That is really shit op, I'm sorry. I thought I was having a bad day but yours is a whole lot worse. I hope it's an innocent mistake and the supermarket get back in touch soon to say it's been returned.

I was going to ask if you could buy wheelchair locks in the same way you can buy bike locks but who would think you would ever need such a thing??

Rainbowshine Thu 27-Aug-20 15:20:56

My friend had hers treated like a bike so postcode stamped onto the frame and a smart water label too. It’s worth complaining to Head Office of the supermarket, publicly if you can, at least that should shake them into investigating it better.

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