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Baby refusing bottle

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kayleesmithy Fri 28-Aug-20 14:47:10

Doidy cup I haven't tried I thought she might be a little young but will do!

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bloodywhitecat Thu 27-Aug-20 10:14:11

I'd try a cup, lots of babies who refuse a bottle can manage a cup really well.

FelicityPike Thu 27-Aug-20 10:08:55

Doidy cup?
Mam bottle?
Dr Brown’s bottle?
You being entirely out of the house when someone else tries feeding her?

moresugarpls Thu 27-Aug-20 09:56:50

Have you tried using different brands of bottles?

I also had to wean DD from breast feeding when she was 11 months. She hated every bottle apart from the Avent one

kayleesmithy Thu 27-Aug-20 09:54:03

Also she doesn't take the dummy so I'm not sure whether that makes it worse

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kayleesmithy Thu 27-Aug-20 09:53:43

Apologies I couldn't find where to post this.

Baby girl is 18 weeks almost 19 weeks old.

We have tried everything to get her on the bottle as she is fully breastfed. I want to stop breastfeeding next month due to starting university and she'll be attending nursery.

Has anyone got any advice as to how I can get her to start the bottle.

We have tried a range of different ones and she drank out of the munchkin one only once when a relative was feeding her however she will not take it from any of us (mum, dad and grandma).

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