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Gah! Deliveries and ordering online!

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CoraPirbright Mon 24-Aug-20 14:12:18

Maybe I am just having a run of bad luck or maybe I am just a bit thick when it comes to ordering online but arrrgh! Why on earth are our high streets dying when getting stuff delivered is such a PITA? In the past 10 days I have had:
- a reconditioned iPad bought from a reputable site pack up after 2 days
- a pair of planters delivered, one so badly damaged that it will have to go back
- a Hermes deliveryman who, even though we were in and ready to take delivery, thought it was a good idea to lob a package over a 6 ft+ high gate badly damaging the contents

I know in the grand scheme of things, there is much much worse going on in the world but its all such a bloody faff to sort these things out. There’s never a phone number so you can talk to an actual person, you have to package it back up, trek to the PO, chase them up, check the refunds have gone through, re-order, make sure you are in for the phantom deliverymen.

OH! For the days when you could, you know, go to the shops, purchase the items and bring them home!

Apologies! Rant over angry blush sad

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