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TheZeppo Sun 23-Aug-20 20:48:41

I’m 38, single, with no children. I have always wanted to foster children, but never felt quite ready.

I think I am now, but I’m also v nervous and would love to hear other people’s stories.

I have been a secondary school teacher for about 15 years (have responsibilities connected to safeguarding) and have volunteered for ChildLine, youth groups etc so hopefully not too naive (though accept its v different).

Have my own home and spare room. V close and supportive family/friends network. Currently work full time- would I need to drop to part time?

Thanks for any advice!

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missedtherainbow Sun 23-Aug-20 21:13:22

I’ve been fostering for over 12 years now. There’s no way I could do it and work full time there are too many meetings, health appointments, contact to supervise, training, peps, reviews and sometimes the children have had to move schools or been out of school for a while, it also takes a lot of time to settle a new child in.
It depends a lot on which local authority your under or agency but our LA insist that at least one carer is a full time foster carer but I do know another carer who was given permission to work part time that was after the children had been with her for over a year and were staying long term.
A lot would depend on what age range you would like to take but your best bet would be to start by phoning your LA and having an informal chat. Maybe even look into respite care to start with?
Good luck

daisyphase Sun 23-Aug-20 21:15:37

Yep, they weren’t interested in us because I work full time in a demanding job. It was a non-starter.

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