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fairydustandpixies Sun 23-Aug-20 17:32:51

Sorry if this has been done before, but has anyone applied for or been a TV extra? Do you have to have acting experience or can you just be a random in the background?

A production company has just put an 'urgent' call out for 'paid extras' locally and I thought it would be a giggle to apply. Never done it before and I'm just waiting for them to email me the information pack. I don't want to do it for the money or to add to a 'portfolio', I thought it sounded fun. Is there anything I should know before officially applying?

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Guardsman18 Sun 23-Aug-20 17:37:49

I think it's a great way to earn some money but my son did it and it can be a bit boring - a lot of hanging around etc.

Having said that, I emailed last week actually! I need the money though.

I'd go for it if you fancy it. Sometimes you have to be available quickly or go away from your home town.

Let me know how you get on?

Guardsman18 Sun 23-Aug-20 17:38:35

Just noticed you said locally - ignore that bit!

fairydustandpixies Sun 23-Aug-20 18:04:58

Thanks for your reply Guards. I've had an email back from the production company with info that they need from me. I don't mind hanging around and I'm free pretty much whenever, tbh I'm more interested in the catering van 😂

I live on an island so that it's local has made it a fun idea. I don't think I'd ever want to travel to do it.

Did your son enjoy doing it? Did he have acting experience?

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Elouera Sun 23-Aug-20 18:11:16

In my 20's, my boyfriend at the time did it a few times. I think he got into it via a friend, but no idea of the company etc. He was in an advert and you could see his arm waving with a train ticket- just his arm and hand grin.

Also in some background scenes of TV shows. He had no acting experience, other than doing drama as high school! Certainly worth a try.

fairydustandpixies Sun 23-Aug-20 20:43:29

@Elouera - I think waving my arm would be the most of my acting capabilities!

I think I'll give it a whirl, I think I'd regret not applying more than applying and not getting anywhere! Might be fun, even just hanging around people watching all day!

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Guardsman18 Mon 24-Aug-20 12:25:50

Hi fairy. Yes, he loved it. It was a lot of money for him at the time. Waving your arm that's practically a star role!

I think it's great that he can say he's worked on Stella to name one, even if all we saw was him sitting a classroom!

The first time he did it, we all made an event out of it. We sat through a whole programme because he was in it. Almost at the end, he walked around a corner and I only knew it was him because of his bag!

No acting experience at all although he did need an agent due to his age I believe.

The hanging around wouldn't bother me either - getting paid and I could then read for hours! Good luck to you and I said, let us know how you got on.

DinosApple Mon 24-Aug-20 12:39:32

I'd grab the opportunity! My brother did and enjoyed around 10 years ago. He had no acting experience, but ended up in TV shows and movies. He has an unusual look so got a fair bit of work. He didn't take it seriously though as he is a musician rather than trying to break into acting. It was just something to get a bit of money, lots of hanging about and sometimes your starring part gets cut anyway.

Best things were being a body double for Sacha Baron Cohen in Sweeny Todd (he got his throat cut by Johnny Depp 😂), and seeing 'Poirot' chatting on his mobile phone in full character outfit. He enjoyed it and got a lots of stories to tell.

fairydustandpixies Mon 24-Aug-20 20:23:21

Wow, what brilliant stories! Thank you for sharing them, they've made me giggle! Well, I've applied and already had an acknowledgement back (a personal one, not an auto responder because there was an issue with an online form they wanted me to complete). Filming starts next month until November so now I just sit and wait to see if they call. Funnily enough, I've recently applied for a part time job in a bar and have just heard that the bar have been contacted as a location! It's a small place here...😁

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