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An End to Home Schooling?

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FlySheMust Sun 23-Aug-20 07:51:44

Given how much the powers that be are banging on about the importance of children going back to school is it time to stop allowing home schooling?

We are being told how vital it is for their social and psychological well- being to be in school, yet allow parents to home school hundreds of children with no checks whatsoever.

Either it's vital or it isn't.

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YgritteSnow Sun 23-Aug-20 08:09:12

No it should never be stopped. Every child is different and the main mstream system is unable to cater for all children and their needs. Those children and their parents should have other options. For some children mainstream school is detrimental to their psychological wellbeing, not vital. It's hard to comprehend if you don't have such a child.

FlySheMust Sun 23-Aug-20 08:12:57

I agree with you. I'm just furious at the emotional blackmail forcing parents to send children back.

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Timestoodstilll Sun 23-Aug-20 08:16:28

As long as the school system can't cater to all children, definitely not. I never planned to homeschool but am so glad it is an option in this country. One of my DC suffered a lot in mainstream while 'special school's weren't an option while his ASD diagnosis was pending. He does miss the socialization of school and will hopefully go back for secondary, but these few years of respite have saved his mental health.

FrenchFancie Sun 23-Aug-20 08:20:46

I think there are situations where homeschooling can be detrimental. I have an old college friend who has fallen into a weird christian cult - her four daughters are home educated using the ‘accelerated Christian education’ system. They are being fed crap like ‘women should be subservient to men’ and as woman’s place is in the home’ - it’s hugely damaging to those children.

The lack of checks is allowing this to happen.

Homeschooling, even if done well, would be detrimental to my child at the moment. She did not fare very well in lockdown at all and I would not, at this stage, be happy to home educate her.

I know another homeschooled family where it suits the boys and the family very well, and as thier mum is a primary teacher they are getting a brilliant education.

But how to balance things so homeschooled children get a good education, and don’t fall into the traps that my first friend has? I feel more checks would be required.

YgritteSnow Sun 23-Aug-20 08:21:26


I agree with you. I'm just furious at the emotional blackmail forcing parents to send children back.

I suspected you did smile

My autistic child has never been happier then since lockdown. She hasn't had a meltdown in six months and stopped biting her nails. Something she's never managed before. She seems to manage ok at school but these changes make me wonder. I was forced into HE with my oldest and saw huge positive changes in him too once he was out of school.

monkeyonthetable Sun 23-Aug-20 08:27:45

Why would anyone think that one size fits all with regard to education? I know a few children who have blossomed emotionally and academically during lockdown because the lack of stress of having to fit in with peers, deal with casual unchecked bullying, hiding how keen on work they are in case they mocked etc has all been lifted from them. I know a few who are dreading going back. For their parents it's been an eye opener as to whether they should continue to send them to school.

FlySheMust Sun 23-Aug-20 08:39:29

My DSs are both adults now. DS1 had a health condition that meant he missed a considerable amount of schooling over the years.

Fortunately he was a bright and well motivated lad so didn't fall behind at all. Quite the reverse. Being able to work at his own pace (faster than average) and to concentrate without classroom noise he thrived at home.

I have to admit I had been rather anti home schooling until then but it changed my mind. As has seeing the home schooled children of friends who are doing so well.

Special education provision is dreadful. Nowhere near enough places for those who need them and home schooling is preferable to a nightmare of school for some children. I do think there should be checks, though, because not all parents have the best interests of their children at heart.

And some are bonkers as illustrated by FrenchFancie.

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LittleBearPad Sun 23-Aug-20 08:43:28

There is though a vast difference between a decision to home school with an engaged parent and home schooling because the schools are shut overseen by an unprepared parent wfh between video calls. smile

maverickallthetime Sun 23-Aug-20 08:47:53

I was going to say what @LittleBearPad said. For the majority of people it wasn't home schooling like it should be, it was juggling work and stuff sent home by schools which appeared to be vastly different depending on which school you went to. For most children it is vital that they go back to school. No one is suggesting that proper home schooling should be stopped as you just can't compare that to what is happening to most children

Landlubber2019 Sun 23-Aug-20 08:48:11

Given how much the powers that be are banging on about the importance of children going back to school is it time to stop allowing home schooling?

But I don't know anyone who has home schooled effectively in the last 6 months. Home schoolers often visit places, attend groups with other home schoolers none of which has been available for the last 6 months. Home schooling is not the same as schooling in lockdown where ALL children are socially isolated from their peers.

AChooooo Sun 23-Aug-20 09:11:05

No. I don’t feel mass-schooling provides the best possible results for the majority of children. This is a complaint of the system, not the teachers who try. If a parent is engaged, willing and capable, even to learn alongside their child, I feel that’s for the best. This hasn’t been homeschooling as it should be, parents have been sent endless worksheets from schools, they’re trying to juggle school work and working from home, there haven’t been any groups.

My sister was home educated, removed due to severe bullying. I went to school. She got a better education than me, and as an adult is much better at socialising despite really struggling at school.

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